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Coromon: Combat System Guide

Coromon’s combat system takes a bit of inspiration from Pokémon but with its own twists and ideas implemented. Here’s how it works.




There’s no doubt Coromon was inspired by Pokemon from its monsters down to its combat system. However, it also features its own additions which make its combat system more unique and in-depth. One thing to take note of is that Coromon’s combat system introduces three core mechanics that set it apart from other monster-taming games. Let’s check them out.

Combat System Guide in Coromon

In Coromon, you will be introduced to the stamina system, Titan battles, and the skill-only types. These three mechanics are unique to the game, and these are what you should fully understand in order to master the game’s combat system.

Whenever you use one of your Coromon’s skills, it will consume a certain amount of stamina. All of your Coromon’s moves share the same stamina pool, with the stronger moves consuming more stamina than the weaker ones. In the event that your Coromon’s stamina is depleted, you can choose to rest during battle to restore it.

Next is the Titan battles which are basically boss fights. The so-called Titans are larger and stronger Coromons that offer a significant challenge than your standard Coromon fight. They will normally require strategy and multiple Coromons to take on.

Apart from that, they have a high health and stamina pool alongside unique features that can’t be found in your standard Coromons.

The last mechanic is the skill-only types. Though each Coromon has its own elemental type, some types in the game are tied to moves. This means that their elements are dictated by the skills they use. This mechanic opens up various possibilities and strategies so you can make full use of your Coromon’s skills.

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