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Construction Simulator: A Beginner’s Guide & Top Tips You Should Know

Those new to Construction Simulator may be a little put off or uncomfortable with the field of depth required to fully navigate the game. Any simulator can be a little overwhelming at first, so we’ve compiled a handy and easy to follow beginner’s guide.




Construction Simulator provides players with an immersive construction experience from the ground-up, whereby they can build and develop their own company and organize the entirety of jobs on construction sites – across projects large and small.

Those completely new to any sort of ‘simulator’ style game might be a little put off by just how much information is thrown at them upon starting, so we’ve formulated a little guide on all the major points critical to the game. Read on for a beginner’s guide and top tips you should know when starting up in the latest Construction Simulator.

Top Tips and Beginner’s Guide to Construction Simulator

Skipping the Tutorial

Want to jump right into things without having to steadily work through or meander around the tutorial?

While in the tutorial, open up your job menu. Select the “cancel contract” option, which will automatically clear every tutorial mission except for the very last one. If you want to complete the last mission as quickly as possible, head over to the “Finance” tab of the Company menu and opt for a loan of ~250,000.

Use this loan to purchase a vehicle that is under 100,000 and use the remainder to purchase the second company premise from the company upgrades sub-menu. Once you’ve done all of this – simply “accept” the ‘Expansion’ contract, which is the last contract in the tutorial.

Speak to Harpe as marked on the map and you’ll then be able to access Construction Simulator’s co-op.

Getting New Jobs

To look for new jobs and contracts, simply head over to the Main Menu -> then Jobs. Here you can either check for a contract related to the main campaign of the game, or take on smaller jobs for a profit. Once you’ve expanded your company more, you can begin taking on up to three jobs at one time.

Re-Fueling or Repairing Machines

This can be done at any ‘gas station’ location across the in-game environment. You have the option to unlock and purchase your own repair station for your company’s premises as well, which will allow you to do this without the necessity of traveling.

If you notice a machine in poor condition, or dirty, you’ll want to ensure you repair it immediately as this can impact performance levels and functionality of the machine on the job site.

Vehicle or Machine Is Not Working Correctly

If you find your machine or vehicle to not be properly functioning or working during a task, you should ‘reset’ the vehicle from the context menu. Alternatively, you can ‘store’ and then ‘retrieve’ it from your vehicle hall. This can be done from either the vehicle quick selection menu or the fleet menu.

Opening the World Map

This can be easily done by pressing [M] as a PC user on a keyboard, trackpad (PS4/5), and [menu] key on Xbox.

Opening the Context Menu

This can be opened by hitting [F] on the keyboard for PC users, [X] for Xbox users, and the [SQUARE] button on PS4/PS5. This menu contains the ability to change photo mode, reset vehicles, alternating between 1st and 3rd person in-game character perspective, and changing vehicle modes.

How to Access the Manual

The in-game user manual can provide a lot of useful information for new players or those who simply get stuck in a task without knowing how to proceed.

To access the manual, hit [1] on the keyboard for PC users, and control pad [DOWN] on XBOX/PS4/PS5. You can also display help on screen menus or HUD by using the same keys. This manual can also be found under -> Menu -> Profile -> Manual.

Getting a Tower Crane on the Job Site

Whenever a task or job calls for a tower crane, you’ll be able to locate a designated tower crane area on the job site. Interact with this location to bring up menu options for selecting a crane. If none are available to you, you can go to ‘Vehicle Dealer’ to rent or purchase one. Once you’ve selected a proper crane, it will automatically be set up on location at the job site.

Changing Job Settings, and Getting New Tasks

For the majority of most tasks within a designated job, you will notice a blue marker on the screen. This indicates the distance to the required location.

If you want to skip certain tasks, you will need to access the detailed view of a job. Go to Menu -> Jobs -> Active Jobs. In the right hand corner, you’ll see options to either skip a certain task, restart a section, or just flat out cancel an entire job. Not all sections/tasks can be skipped. To restart or skip, select the task from the list.

In terms of ‘changing job settings,’ you can more accurately find the job scope and definition of the job in the job detail menu from the left hand corner of the screen. This can control aspects like how much land is required to be dug up. In the ‘High’ setting, there will be more specific tasks for each corresponding job that require more precise deliverables.

Important Locations

Key locations on the map only become marked after you’ve already traveled to them, or come across them. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll be led to all the locations you need to go to by nature of the construction or delivery job. Once you’ve accepted a job or mission, you’ll have the option to set a Navigation Marker towards the next destination as a part of that job.

Obtaining Raw Materials

Most of the building and construction materials you’ll need to complete jobs and tasks will be purchased from the building materials dealer. If you need to check where to purchase a specific material, you can consult the ‘materials list’ in the job details by looking at the ‘place of origin.’

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Frozen Flame: INFINITE Bones, Fabric & XP Farm Guide – Get Unlimited Resources & Masks Fast

Your crafting problems are over!

Nicole Barelli



frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast

Released on November 17, 2022, Frozen Flame is a game that blends Survival Action and RPG. Fans of both genres will already expect levelling up, various biomes and enemies, collectables, and crafting! While part of the genre’s structure, crafting can be difficult if you don’t know how to obtain the necessary resources. Are you having a similar headache? Fret not! Read this guide for some tips and tricks to help you!

INFINITE Bones, Fabric & XP Farm Guide – Get Unlimited Resources & Masks Fast – Frozen Flame

Bones and fabric are two important crafting resources in Frozen Flame. And what if I tell you there’s a way to get as many of those resources as you can get? And that, in the meanwhile, you can also get loads of XP?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, maybe… but you’ll see that it works!

Fabric Farm

There are two farming locations.

The first and most efficient (and the one that will also give you Masks if you want to add more to your collection) is the Cradle of Keepers, the starting area of the game, where you can farm fabric.

Before leaving your house, equip some weapons to help you: the bone bow and bone staff are good options.

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From the southwest portion of the island, you’ll want to fly northwest and find a cave. You can check out the exact location and the cave’s appearance in the screenshots below:

frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast2
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Inside this cave, you’ll find a huge encampment of humanoids as well as the purple mists that spawn Mobs.

frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast3
Source: 04AM from YouTube

The strategy here is to trigger the mob spawn then walk backwards and start killing them with your bow.

However, you don’t want to kill all the enemies! Keep one or two alive, walk further backward and wait until the mist reappears.

frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast4
Source: 04AM from YouTube

This is the sign that a new mob wave is ready to respawn. Go inside the encampment and retreat again, repeating the process of shooting and respawning them until you’re satisfied with the number of corpses littering the cavern’s floor.

Then, kill every enemy and remain inside the encampment. Loot all the corpses, and you’ll be impressed with how much fabric you earn with this simple strategy!

Bones + Fabric Farming

Broken Valley is the second farming spot and the place you go if you need bones and fabric.

First, fast-travel to the first quick-travel spot in the Broken Valley, where you completed the quests for Hornhead. And what you’ll do is travel to a hidden cave underneath the island.

frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast5
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Inside this cave, you’ll find three mobs: a shield bearer and two warlocks. Your goal here is to ignore the shield bearer and kill the two warlocks (be careful with their fire spells!).

frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast6
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Once you kill them, leave the cave, wait a couple of seconds for their mist to respawn, and go back inside, repeating the process.

After a few times, you can go in and quickly loot the fallen enemies (always ignoring the shield bearer) and keep repeating this process for as long as you want (or for as long as your items have durability).

While slower than the Cradle of Keepers cave, this will give you all the bones and fabric you’ll need in the game. So, good farming! Thanks to 04AM for the tricks! In case of any doubt, please watch his video: Frozen Flame INFINITE Bones, Fabric & XP Farm Guide – Get Unlimited Resources & Masks Fast

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