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Conan Exiles: Ultimate Guide to Buffs | How Buffs Work

With the massive changes in the Age of Sorcery update in Conan Exiles, it is expected that buffs in the game will be affected as well.




The changes that were introduced in the Age of Sorcery update are massive. In fact, various systems were overhauled, such as the new Attribute system, changes to Thralls, and more. One of the key areas that have some major changes is the buff system.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at how buffs work in the 3.0 update and how you can get them.

Ultimate Guide to Buffs | How Buffs Work in Conan Exiles

There are a handful of sources of buffs in the game. Back then, one of the most common sources is the warpaint. However, Age of Sorcery basically nerfed warpaints in general. Now, warpaints no longer grant any buff to your attributes and instead only exist for cosmetic purposes only.

On the bright side, this means that you can use any warpaint you like to customize your character even further.

The next source is the elixirs, with various elixirs granting various buffs. There are elixirs that increase certain attributes so you can deal more damage, carry more items, receive more armor, and more.

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Then there are the books that you can get from the Warmaker’s Sanctuary dungeon. Just like elixirs, these books also grant varying buffs that could either increase your max HP, damage, carry capacity, and more.

Now here’s the catch with the new buff system in the 3.0 update. Unlike before, buffs from various sources in the game no longer stack. Instead, the most current source you use to obtain a buff will overwrite your already existing buff.

For example, we’re going to use the Elixir of Sight to receive a 30% increase to Concussive Damage. If we use a book like the Denizens of the Dark Well which grants an increase to Follower damage, it will actually override the buff you get from the Elixir of Sight.

Basically, if you ever need a buff, you need to carefully pick one which you really need. 

Buffs from Food

There’s actually another source of buff in the game, and that is food that you cook. Unlike the previous sources which overwrite each other, the buffs you can get from food actually stack with a buff you can get from either of the previous sources.

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Using the previous Denizens of the Dark Well as an example, you will get a 12% increase to Follower damage upon using the book. Then, we can follow it up with food that gives the same bonus. In this case, that would be the Hearty Feast food.

With this method, you can get yet another 12% increase to Follower damage for a total of 24%. At the same time, you’ll recover a certain amount of hit points every few seconds depending on the food you eat.

That said, if you want to prepare yourself before a fight or when going out to harvest resources, then the best option is to use either an Elixir or book and pair it up with a food that provides the same bonuses.

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