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Conan Exiles: Is the Battle Pass Worth It?

Conan Exiles’ Age of Sorcery update introduces the Battle Pass for the first time in the game, but is it really worth buying?




Battle Passes are not a new thing in a lot of live service games, but for a survival game like Conan Exiles, it might seem out of place. As part of the Age of Sorcery update, Funcom decided to add a Battle Pass into the game to reward players with exclusive items after reaching certain levels.

Of course, buying the Battle Pass is optional, and the rewards you can get are mostly cosmetics anyway. As such, this begs the question, “is the Battle Pass worth it?”. Let’s find out.

Is the Battle Pass Worth It in Conan Exiles

Before anything else, let’s first have a look at how the Battle Pass works in Conan Exiles. First of all, it comes with both a free and paid version. This means that even if you don’t buy it, you can still get rewards, albeit limited.

Also, it is directly linked to the new Challenges mechanic, with each challenge you complete giving you XP to level up the Battle Pass. Needless to say, each level unlocks a reward all the way up to level 60. Moreover, the rewards are purely cosmetics, and the items that you get are still obtainable in the game via normal means.

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Since Age of Sorcery also introduced the Illusion system, which is akin to the Transmog system in some games, that means you can apply your exclusive cosmetics to your preferred gear. This makes for a really cool and unique-looking character.

Is It Worth It?

Now, is buying the Battle Pass really worth it? In my opinion, I would totally say it’s worth it, especially if you’re going for those exclusive cosmetic rewards.

Not only that, but certain levels will reward you with Crom coins. Also, if you manage to hit level 60 in the Battle Pass, you should earn enough Crom coins to buy the next Battle Pass.

It only costs roughly $9.99 which isn’t as expensive as most games’ Battle Passes either.

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