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Conan Exiles: How to Unlock the Basic Sorcery

Learning Sorcery in Conan Exiles sets you up for the Path of the Corrupted.




Sorcery in Conan Exiles is not flashy moves where you control the elements and bend them to your will to cast fireballs or lighting bolts at your enemies. instead, it is a dark art where you sacrifice part of yourself to harness the dark forces.

Using these dark arts corrupts you. But in return, it gives access to powerful insidious spells that you can cast at the expense of corruption.

If this path appeals to you, here is a guide on how to use sorcery in Conan Exiles.

How to Unlock Basic Sorcery in Conan Exiles

First, you have to have the Tome of Kunak. This item lets you unlock sorceries one at a time. To get this, you have to find and kill sorcerers that have migrated to the Exiled lands.

Loot them until you find the sorcerers map that would guide you to the Tome. The location is in a cave at Shaleback Hollow in E5.

Inside the Cave

Fight your way inside the cave. Defeat the undead shellbacks that attack you until you reach the end of the cave. Head towards the table in the center of the area to access the Tome of Kunak.

Here you will be granted Basic Sorcery and Word of Power: Ice Bridge and Word of Power: Reveal Corruption. These are your starting sorcery spells.

Bear in mind the three things you need in to learn in sorcery. In order to cast spells, you have to have a staff equipped. Staves and other sorcery-related items can be crafted by using the Thaumaturgy Bench and some spells require reagents to activate.

How to cast Spells

To Casts spells you need to equip your arcane staff. Using the staff will let you summon runes from different realms of sorcery that you have learned.

Selecting one of the runes with the arcane staff lets you hear the corresponding words of power for casting the spell. To use your words of power, simply select the rune with your arcane staff and activate the word of power. This in turn will let you cast the spell.

Some spells require reagents to activate. For instance, the force of nature word of power that you have learned, Ice bridge requires 1 burlap pouch to cast.

How to get more spells

Collect spell pages from sorcerers to upgrade your existing spells and learn new ones. Just remember that using spells causes you to become corrupted. This status lowers your health and stamina so be careful when using your spells.

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