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Battlefield 2042: Best Weapons Guide After For Season 1

Patch 4.1 has reworked a handful of weapons in Battlefield 2041. As such, ones that were underperforming have received some major buffs, making them viable as of now.




Considered the final patch for Season 1 this month, patch 4.1 features a wide range of adjustments and other gameplay changes in Battlefield 2042. As usual, you can expect a long list of tweaks, particularly when it comes to weapons.

If you want to know which weapons are the best in the game right now, then you’re in the right place. Let’s have a look at what those weapons are.

Best Weapons Guide After For Season 1 in Battlefield 2042

First off, we have the MP28 which is a secondary weapon that’s capable of killing a target in 4 hours up to a distance of 75 meters. This makes it a really solid choice for those who want a secondary weapon that hits a lot harder.

As for assault rifles, hands down the best weapon you’ll want to use in this category is the SFAR-M GL. This is basically the strongest AR in the game for a number of reasons. For one, it can kill targets in 4 shots up to 72 meters. However, once the distance gets longer, it will require at least 5 bullets to kill your target.

The changes made to the SFAR allow it to overshadow the AK, meaning there’s zero reason why you’d still want to stick to the AK. Of course, it’s not as powerful in close-range, but in mid and long-range fights, it’s absolutely the best weapon out there.

Lastly, we have the NTW-50, which is a sniper rifle that hits like a truck. What makes it insanely overpowered is the fact that you can now one-shot targets who are wearing armor.

Unlike in the previous patches, the NTW-50 can now always one-shot a target for up to 20 meters.

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