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Why Battlefield 2042 Is Failing

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.




Battlefield 2042 released November 19, 2021 and it has been hell for the developers at DICE ever since. From its beta to launch, Battlefield 2042 cranks out new bugs that makes Cyberpunk 2077’s launch look like it released with minimal issues. Which is such a shame, because when the initial trailer for Battlefield 2042 came out, the hype was massive.

What went wrong with Battlefield 2042? What happened over at DICE that they released such broken game?

Battlefield 2042 Is Failing, Here’s Why

After Battlefield 1 and 5, players were itching to go back to modern day Battlefield, and DICE delivered more than that by taking them into the future.

The reveal trailer sparked a massive influx of hype amongst the gaming community.

Of course, there were those that were skeptical about any game post-Cyberpunk 2077, so they waited until beta dropped.

Those people are soon proven correct as the beta dropped with massive bugs, both gameplay and visual. Texture pop ups, hit registration, players falling through the map, players flying through the map for unknown reason, getting killed by invisible players, all of that and more continues to this day.

While I do understand that all previous Battlefield games had bugs as well similar to 2042, it doesn’t help that the game doesn’t feel like a Battlefield game.

According to Tom Henderson’s tweets, 87% of the people who joined DICE were during or after Battlefield 1. Then 58% joined during the development of Battlefield 2042.

Majority of the people who worked on this game were newcomers, people who have never worked on a Battlefield game before, which explains why this game doesn’t feel like a Battlefield game.

During an EA conference call, they have openly admitted that Battlefield 2042 did not meet expectations, and that there are several challenges that caused the state of the game.

But even though the game was disappointing for EA, they are still planning major updates to turn the game around, possibly to turn the game into free-to-play, just as the rumors have said.

So many things are wrong with Battlefield 2042, but if EA is still planning to continue with major updates, then is it really a failure?

Games that are horribly received like Battlefield 2042 would be given support for a year or two tops before pulling the plug, similar to Anthem.

But will Battlefield 2024 be able to make a No Man’s Sky comeback, or will they end up like Anthem? Who knows, only time will tell.

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