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Battlefield 2042: New Update Review | Leaks, Changes, Season 1 Release Date, and More

Battlefield 2042 has dropped a recent update, and with it comes tons of changes that you don’t want to miss out on.




It’s no secret that the release of Battlefield 2042 was a buggy mess; however, it seems that the new update that just got dropped will make the game far better than it was. If you’re played Battlefield 2042 before and got disappointed with how it turned out to be, then this new update might get your hopes up.

Let’s have a look at the changes that were introduced alongside some leaks that players will be expecting to see in the near future.

New Update Review for Battlefield 2042

Let’s kick off with a big piece of news with Battlefield Direct Communication tweeting that they rolled out a server-side fix that aims to restore the limited HUD functionality to one of its game modes, Rush Hardcore.

Apart from that, they also tweeted that they have made an update providing information on how to earn XP and Progression as you play the game.

With this update, you can also display your Custom Experience based on whether you picked Full, Moderate, or Restricted Progression.

There are also other major updates in the game which are as follows:

  • VoIP is now integrated into the game. You can choose between Party and Squad channels, and you can even adjust the settings via Options > Sound/Voice > Chat while in-game.
  • Various weapon attachments have been overhauled so that they can offer a more unique impact when customizing weapons. Previously, several weapon attachments have the same effects as the others, making it hard to tell any difference when attaching one.
  • The Scoreboard has received a UI refresh feature which can also be accessed during End of Round screens.

General Fixes

Some of the general fixes in the new update include vehicle balance changes. For example, the M5C Bolte’s passenger seat is now easier to target, making passengers far more vulnerable to enemy attacks. You can now also ADS after you exit a vehicle, and the previous bug where you can’t revive players near objects has been fixed.

This is just the gist of the many things that were added to the recent update. The developers have announced that a new update will be coming this May, so stay tuned to get an overview of what the upcoming update might bring.

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