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Battle Brothers: How To Get Noble Contracts

Getting a good contract can help you build up your strength by using your allies’ help. This is the way to do it.




The Battle Brothers is a game where you are leading a mercenary company. This game will give you the opportunity to build up your skill of leading so everything depends on your decisions. 

The game includes a world map where you can go to find villages worth looting, make good contracts for good coin, attack someone or places worth resupply and hire a man.

You can decide where to go, who to fight, and how to train your men. Your responsibility here is to make the right choices and take the most useful contracts.

If you have issues through the path of having Noble contracts, I’m here to help you.

How To Get Noble Contracts In Battle Brothers

The thing in this game is to gain your Renown as much as you can. Killing more and making more contracts will help you complete your ambitions. The thing with the Noble contracts is that they are connected with Ambition.

In order to unlock Noble Contracts in Battle Brothers, you must have renown at least 1050. After that, you have to choose an ambition the next time you see the ambition popup.

This process will unlock Noble Contracts.

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