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Wuthering Waves: How To Untarget Enemy

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One of the best things about Wuthering Waves has to be its fast-paced and action-packed gameplay. The game feels very smooth, and in a game like Wuthering Waves, this is very important. With that being said, the fast-paced gameplay can sometimes make it hard to keep track of what’s going on and stay focused on enemies.

Like most action RPGs, Wuthering Waves has a lock-on system that you can use to focus on specific enemies. While targeting a certain enemy is easy, untargetting them can be a bit confusing. Well in this guide, we will be looking at how to untarget enemies in Wuthering Waves.

How To Untarget Enemy

To untarget an enemy, you will need to hold down the button you used to target the enemy. So in our case, hold down the M3 button for PC and the R3 button for console. This is something a lot of players have struggled with, mainly because the controls in this game can be a bit overwhelming for beginners and the game doesn’t really explain how to untarget targets.

Many players assume that to untarget the enemy, they have to tap the same button they used to target the enemy. However, this frustrates players, because instead of untargeting the enemy, it just cycles to the next enemy.

To Untarget an enemy, you will need to use the same button or key you used to target them. You can target an enemy by using the MB3 button (scroll wheel) on PC and the R3 button on the console (pressing down the right analog stick). And to untarget, just hold the same button.

On mobile, there’s a dedicated button for targeting and it doesn’t need to be held down to untarget an enemy, instead, just tap it to untarget. Check image below for reference:

Wuthering Waves mobile gameplay & graphics highlighting the target & untarget key in the game.

If you’re just starting out in Wuthering Waves, make sure you check out our guide on what to prioritize in the early game.

How Does the Targeting System Work in This Game

You can press the targeting button to target the closest enemy to you.

As mentioned before, you can target enemies by just pressing a single button. The game will automatically target the closest enemy in your field of vision. If there isn’t a target in your FOV, then the camera will automatically rotate to where enemies close to you are.

The game also has an auto-targeting system, where you will automatically switch over to another enemy after you kill one. Auto targeting is very useful in a game like Wuthering Waves, as manual targeting can become a bit tedious after killing each enemy.

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