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Palworld: Fastest Flying Mounts to Get

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Palworld has a pretty huge open world to explore. Sooner or later, it becomes a little too big, however. No one wants to be running around in open fields slowly on foot. The best way to traverse Palworld’s open world is through the use of mount Pals.

There are some of these mount Pals, which allow you to fly. These flying mounts are incredibly fast and very useful. We’ve compiled some of the best ones here for your convenience. 

Fastest Flying Mounts to Get

Out of all of the flying mounts in the game, these three are the fastest:

  • Beakon,
  • Ragnahawk,
  • Faleris.

1. Beakon:

Beakon is a flying electric type Pal, resembling a large falcon bird. It has a RideSprintSpeed of 1200 and a RunSpeed of 750. You can unlock the saddle for the Beakon at Level 34, making it the first actually fast-flying mount you can use. 

Beakon in Palworld

To find yourself a Beakon, go to a desert area. They can be found in both daytime and nighttime. Breeding these is too difficult to be worth it, catching them is a faster way to get them. Using the Passive “Runner” skill on them is gonna make them faster as well.

Beakon Location in Palworld

As a bonus, when riding a Beakon, all of your attacks will have an electric buff. All in all, this is a very decent flying mount to get.

2. Ragnahawk:

The Ragnahawk is the second Pal on the list, and it is probably one of the best designs. Red and black with sharp talons, you’re sure to feel amazing when riding this. When using the Swift, Runner, Legend, and Nimble passive skills, you’ll be moving at extremely high speeds.

Ragnahawk in Palworld

To unlock this, you need to be at Level 37. This is slightly higher than the Beakon, but it is well worth it. It has a RideSprintSpeed of 1300 and a RunSpeed of 700 which is a small upgrade over the Beakon’s. 

All the attacks done while riding a Ragnahawk will have a fire bonus attached. Depending on what you’re fighting, this can be very significant. 

The Ragnahawk can be found in the South West corner of the map. They typically inhabit the red lava biome. They are available at all times of the day. To breed it you’ll need pretty high level Pals, so it’s easier to just catch one.

Ragnahawk Location in Palworld

3. Faleris:

The fastest flying mount in the game is the Faleris. With a whopping 1400 base RideSprintSpeed, it is 200 points faster than the Ragnahawk. It also boasts a RunSpeed of 1000. It has a pretty cool design too, featuring a red, black, and golden color palette. Its Saddle can be unlocked at Level 38.

Faleris in Palworld

To catch a Faleris, you have to head all the way to one of the weirdly placed Islands in the corner of the map. It’s very inconvenient to go there and you probably will not be able to unless you’re in the endgame. 

Faleris Location in Palworld

A better way to get the Faleris is through breeding. The best way to breed one is to use a

“Vanwyrm” Pal and an “Anubis” Pal to make a Huge Scorching Egg . This allows you to get the Faleris a lot faster than you usually would be able to.

Note: To breed an Anubis, you should use a “Cory” Pal with a “Bushi” Pal

This concludes our guide on the fastest flying mounts in Palworld. With these Pals in your party, it should be a lot easier to traverse the massive landscapes of Palworld!

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