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A Comprehensive Guide to 99 Crafting in OSRS

Fastest, most profitable, F2P, Ironman, you name it.




Crafting is a production skill in OSRS, where you can craft jewelry, accessories, staves, bolts, and even armor!

As such, it is a significant skill for Ironmen to get various rings or amulets since they can’t buy them from the Grand Exchange. It also provides some methods of OSRS gold farming, which can help F2P players get a bond without having to use their real-world money.

Some Things to Prepare

Before you start leveling your Crafting, here are some tips and tricks you can do to raise efficiency.

1 – Make some Mushroom Pies

Mushroom Pies are a food item that temporarily boosts your Crafting skill by 4 levels. That means, even if you haven’t reached a requisite level, you can still make the item if you’re at most 4 levels away.

You can use this to move on to the next step in your leveling earlier. However, it’s better to use it when you’re 1-2 levels away.

2 – Prepare your materials

There are two ways to go about this. You can buy up your materials in one go, so you don’t have to pause every so often to buy more in the GE. Or, you can buy only the materials you need for the next step.

Of course, you’d have to take breaks because your inventory can only hold a few handfuls of materials. Still, it’s more convenient to only have two areas (bank and Crafting area) to travel between instead of three (the GE added).

3 – Find a good place to craft

There’s a convenient furnace in Edgeville near a bank. The only better alternative is for members in Prifddinas. However, it requires the completion of the quest ‘Song of the Elves.’

Another alternative is to choose a good banking chest location. The Castle Wars one doesn’t need anything to unlock, so you could craft there.

For F2P players, there is a bank chest in Shantay Pass, but you need either 5 coins to buy a pass or complete the Elite Desert Diary achievements. There are also chests in Lumbridge, Edgeville, and Falador but only for PvP worlds.

At any rate, find one near enough to a furnace to reduce travel times.

4 – Use a mix of AFK and active methods

AFK methods let you leave your PC or device to craft while you must manually activate the other. Mixing the two is recommended, so you get a quick way to 99 without being as tired as going active all the way. AFK methods are slower, which is inconvenient for those who want to rush it.

Using both methods can give you breaks to rest from the stress of timing your crafts while not jeopardizing efficiency too much.

5 – Be prepared to spend time

Let’s get it out of the way. It is unfeasible to get to 99 in a day without cheating somehow. Since botting is out of the question, you’ll do the actions for your avatar. We’re human, so we can’t maintain a constant rate or do things perfectly. All that combines to one fact: it will take time and effort to 99 Crafting.

It’s repetitive and tiring, so you take some AFK methods to alleviate boredom. That, or you take breaks often for your sanity. Accept that it will take more than a day, but keep at it, and you can get there.

The P2P Way to 99 (Fastest)

Levels 1-54: Cutting Gems

  • 1-20: Uncut Opal
  • 20-27: Uncut Sapphires
  • 27-54: Uncut Emeralds

You’ll need a chisel and enough money to buy 500+ Opals, 106+ Sapphires, and 2091 Emeralds (all uncut). Near the start, you’ll be crushing gems more often due to inexperience. However, as you level up, it should happen less often. Since you don’t need a furnace for this, you can stay near the GE to stock up on the gems you need.

Levels 54-63/66: Battlestaves

  • 54-58: Water Battlestaves
  • 58-63/66: Earth Battlestaves

Next, you’ll be combining Battlestaves with specific elemental orbs. This quick transition will get you to level 63, where you can start the next phase if you want to. Otherwise, you can continue this until level 66 and skip making armor.

Levels 63-66: Green D’hide Bodies

This is cheaper and faster than the Earth Battlestaves, but it’s not a necessary step if you prefer continuing with the staves.

Levels 66-71/99: Air Battlestaves

Surprisingly, this is faster and cheaper than the other staves, despite having a higher requirement for Crafting. You can go to 99 with this, but it’ll cost you 50M gold. The following steps are faster but more expensive, with an estimated 104M gold you must spend.

Levels 71-99: More D’hide Bodies

  • 71-77: Blue
  • 77-84: Red
  • 84-99: Black

Making D’hide bodies is faster, but as mentioned, it’s pretty expensive. Still, it’s the price for a skill cape and 99 Crafting.

Alternate Ways to 99

Levels 5-30: Gold Jewelry

They’re quite profitable to make, and it has fast rates for leveling quickly. However, it is best to do this at lower levels because, past a specific point, the profits won’t be worth the slowed rate at higher levels.

Levels 16+: Silver Jewelry

Like the above, this can be profitable and has double the rate of gold accessories.

Levels 46+: Glassblowing

Since other methods have become cheaper, this is becoming a less-used method. Different ways are faster and more affordable, making this only worth it if you need a specific object. Even then, you’re not going to use it to level up. You’ll make the item and leave it.

Level 82: Amethysts

This AFK method uses Amethysts to make bolt tips, arrow tips, or javelin heads. However, its profitability and rates depend on the market, so you must use a calculator to make the most out of it.

The Ironman Way to 99

Since Ironmen must find materials alone, they need more creativity to level up Crafting. The first thing they can do is take advantage of all the quests that reward Crafting XP. This should be more exciting than collecting materials and using those to craft all kinds of stuff.

They can also use Charter Ships. At lower levels, they can buy Buckets of Sand and Seaweed to create Molten Glass. With a Glassblowing Pipe, they can make even more items for Crafting XP.

If they have at least 77 Magic and have done the Lunar Diplomacy quest, the spell Super Glassmake can make things even more convenient.

Battlestaves are still a good idea. Get a staff from Zaff, add an Orb, and do it daily. Some particular monsters you can encounter (and defeat) from leveling Slayer or something like Gargoyles can give you a steady supply of gold for making accessories.

Lastly, they can get so many Gems from various activities, which can help level the skill.

The F2P Way to 99

F2Ps have limited resources and methods to level up, but those don’t make it impossible. They’ll exert more effort and invest more time but eventually arrive at the same end.

That is a level 99 skill. Skill Capes are members-only items, so they can’t get those until they pay for membership.

F2P Quests

They can do 3 quests to jump to level 8:

  • Sheep Shearer
  • Goblin Diplomacy
  • Misthalin Mystery

F2P Crafting

Otherwise, they can start making these things:

  • 1-5: Leather Gloves
  • 5-20: Jewelry
  • 20+: Cutting Gems

The last one would need sufficient capital, but there are alternatives, such as making Sapphire Necklaces and Diamond Amulets. These two items are also profitable, so they’re perfect for recovering the gold you spent.

Other Profitable Methods

There have been mentions of profitable methods already, but here are more to add.


It can earn 800 coins at lower levels, which isn’t much by itself. However, this is an integral part of birdhouses, which means those doing birdhouse runs will always buy up your stock. There’s always a demand for it, and you can sell a ton, which gives you enough profit, even as early as level 8.


As mentioned, gold and silver jewelry can give you significant profits. Opal and Topaz Bracelets are in demand because they’re used in leveling Slayer.

Sapphire Necklaces and Rings can also (metaphorically) bring in the bacon. Lastly, Dragonstone Jewelry has the best gold and XP rates, so you can make them if you want to farm gold while leveling Crafting.

Crushable Gems

Doing this at a high level (80+) is recommended because your chance to crush gems is at its lowest by then.

Also, cut gemstones will always be more expensive than uncut ones, so you’re guaranteed a profit with every piece. Jades and Red Topaz have the widest profit margins, while Opals are on the other extreme.

Most Importantly, Have Fun!

They say that when you enjoy a job, you’ll never work a day. Well, this is the opposite of that, but some people like the grindy nature of skilling in OSRS. Others who don’t like it can opt for OSRS services, which makes leveling convenient.

It is possible to enjoy the grind to reach 99 Crafting, so continue playing OSRS and going on adventures in Gielinor!

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