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Dark and Darker vs Dungeonborne – Which is Better?

A tough choice!




One of the biggest releases in 2023, Dark and Darker has developed a massive following in less than a year since its release. The game’s roaring popularity has led to other games coming onto the scene that aim to compete within the same genre.

The biggest competition to Dark and Darker currently is Dungeonborne. The demo to Dungeonborne was released at the beginning of February, and it has since garnered a respectable following.

With both these titles being so similar, which one is better exactly?

We will look at all the main differences between the games. Despite being so similar, there are some distinct differences in the games that can help set them apart from each other.

Which Game is Better?

Platform Availability

steam page for dungeonborne

Being on Steam vs not being on it is one of the biggest differences between the 2 games. Dark and Darker used to be on Steam, but due to some legal disputes it was removed. Dungeonborne on the other hand is still on Steam, giving it a clear edge in this department.

Steam gives a lot of exposure to the game, as many more players will play a game if it is easy for them to access it through a platform such as Steam.

Game modes

The game modes that the 2 games have to offer are also quite important to look at.

gamemode select for dark and darker

Dark and Darker has only 2 options for players to choose from. A normal mode, which is the standard mode with 0 entry cost attached to it. The second mode is the High-Roller, which has an entry cost to it, but players will be able to face off against stronger enemies and earn better rewards.

gamemode select for dungeonborne

Dungeonborne on the other hand has much more variety in gamemodes. Besides your normal adventures, you can also choose to play modes such as the Arena or create your own custom game.

The overall menu design for Dungeonborne is also a bit cleaner and easy on the eye.


Gameplay is one of the most important factors that needs to be considered when comparing 2 games. Unsurprisingly though, in this regard, both games are extremely similar. Trying to distinguish Dark and Darker and Dungeonborne through gameplay is very hard.

Both games focus on dungeon-based gameplay, and both have mechanics that work nearly the same. In terms of how the game plays out, it is very subjective in terms of which plays better. Some players feel Dark and Darker is better and some feel that Dungeonborne is better.

dark and darker character menu
dungeonborne character menu

For example, the 2 images above are customization screens for Dark and Darker and Dungeonborne, respectively. They are very similar in all aspects.

Final Verdict

It’s extremely difficult to distinguish the 2, as there are more similarities than there are differences. That being said, not being on Steam and having fewer game modes is a big negative for Dark and Darker

Other than that, Dark and Darker is also a game that has been heavily criticized for its developer’s lack of work towards the game. With both games being so young, they have room for growth and improvement.

Dark and Darker holding its place to the newer Dungeonborne is a possibility, but we have to wait and see what happens.

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