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Dark And Darker: Complete Cleric Guide

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The Cleric is in many ways, the most versatile class in Dark and Darker, especially when starting out. You will have a good amount of damage, decent healing, and higher defense compared to other caster classes. That being said, you will need to know how to play the class to get the most out of it.

We will be looking at the best way to play as a Cleric in Dark and Darker. Alongside that, we will also look at what Perks, Skills, Spells, weapons, and stats you should go for as a Cleric.

Complete Cleric Guide

The Cleric class is perfect for players who like playing as spell casters. Similarly, the Wizard class is also great for players who love using spells. Make sure you check out our Wizard guide to learn more about that class.

Other than being very powerful, the Cleric class is also extremely versatile. There are plenty of different ways in which this class can be played, with most of them being extremely viable. Of course depending on how you play the class, the Perks, Skills, Spells, weapons, and stats you prioritize will also change.

The way you build and play as a Cleric will also depend on whether you are playing solo, playing as a squad, or playing duos..


The Perks available to Cleric

Cleric has access to the following Perks:

  • Blunt Weapon Mastery
  • Brewmaster
  • Advanced Healer
  • Perseverance
  • Kindness
  • Requiem
  • Protection From Evil
  • Undead Slaying

For your Perks, it’s always best to prioritize defense over offense. Perks like Perseverance and Advanced Healer are great when playing solo or with a squad. Perseverance will buff your overall defense, and Advanced Healing will make your healing stronger. If you prefer damage over defense, Perks like Blunt Weapon Mastery and Brewmaster will greatly increase the physical damage you deal.

When starting out, you will have access to just one Perk. Any Perk that directly buffs your defense or offense and doesn’t require any synergy is a good option here.


Skills available to Cleric

The Skills available to the Cleric are:

  • Judgment
  • Smite
  • Spell Memory
  • Holy Purification

For your Skills, the best option will almost always be Judgement. Judgment will inflict a very strong debuff on enemies that deals 25 magic damage to them and slows their movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. This will be good when playing solo or playing with a squad, as the effect is always going to be valuable.

You can go with Spell Memory or Smite for your second skill. The best option will depend on whether you are playing solo or with a squad. For solo play, Smite is the better option as Smite will help you deal extra damage to enemies. Spell Memory is better for squads as you gain access to a bunch of supportive spells due to the Skill.


You can choose which spells to take with you into a dungen.

Cleric has access to the following Spells:

  • Bless
  • Lesser Heal
  • Protection
  • Divine Strike
  • Cleanse
  • Bind
  • Holy Light
  • Sanctuary
  • Resurrection

All the Spells available to Cleric have their own cost and the number of times you can use them in one run. For now, low-cost spells like Lesser Heal, Bless, and Divine Strike are the best options to go for.

Higher-cost spells like Sanctuary and Resurrection are the best Spells in terms of power level, but they cost a lot and can only be cast once or twice. Both of these Spells are pretty fun and can prove extremely valuable in certain situation.

Resurrection for example can only be cast once each run, but that once cast can be the difference between success and failure as Resurrect gives you the ability to revive an ally. The Requiem Perk lets you make the Resurrection Spell even stronger.

Weapons and Stat Priority

The Spellbook weapon in action

You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing weapons as a Cleric. The Cleric class can run both melee and caster weapons, and your weapon choice will depend on how you intend to play with the class. A more physical damage oriented build will go for a melee weapon like a mace and a supportive/caster build will prefer a caster weapon like the Spellbook.

For your stats, you will almost always prioritize +All Attributes. +All Attributes is currently the best stat boost you can get from gear as it buffs all attributes. Most classes in the game will benefit from the overall buff +All Attributes gives.

After +All Attributes, stats like Magical Healing, Knowledge, Will, or anything that buffs spellcasting is also good.

Gameplay Tips

Overall character customization for the Cleric

The way you play as a Cleric will depend on whether you are playing solo or with a squad.

When playing solo, you will need to have extra damage in your build as you need to be able to kill enemies. Melee weapons are a good option for solo play, and the way you play will be similar to how you play classes like the Fighter or Barbarian. Always utilize your Skills and Perks to give yourself an advantage during combat. The Judgment Skill for example will debuff your enemies and make it easier for you to take them down.

If you are playing with a squad, you will want to play the Cleric more as a support class. The class has access to some great supporting Spells that can help make your squad stronger. Most of these spells will be much stronger when playing with targets that can benefit from your healing. When playing as a Cleric, you will want to have a beefy frontline that can tank damage and make use of your heals.

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