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Dark And Darker: Complete Fighter Guide

The best starting class in the game.




In Dark and Darker, the biggest factor to consider when choosing a class is what your personal playstyle is. This will help you choose the right class for you that suits your playstyle perfectly.

Well, if you are someone who likes classic up-close sword and shield combat, then look no further than the Fighter class. The Fighter class in Dark and Darker is in many ways the classic knight or warrior class found in most RPGs. You can deal extremely high damage with the class and tank a lot of damage too.

That being said, to use the Fighter class to its maximum potential, you must first know how to play it properly. Our complete Fighter guide will look at all the essentials that you need to know about the class.

Complete Fighter Guide

The overview of the Fighter class showcasing the different Perks and Skills you can equip

Before you actually go into a game, understanding the Perks and Skills of the Fighter class is very important. We will be looking at both of those alongside the weapons you should equip, the stat priority, and the overall playstyle of the class.

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11 of the 12 Perks available to the Fighter class.

There are a total of 12 different Perks available to the Fighter class. They are:

  • Swift
  • Slayer
  • Weapon Mastery
  • Shield Expert
  • Adrenaline Spike
  • Combo Attack
  • Counterattack
  • Barricade
  • Defense Expert
  • Dual Wield
  • Projectile Resistance
  • Sword Mastery

While all of these Perks are pretty viable, early on, you will probably want to go with a Perk like Slayer. Slayer will give you a big boost in damage, which is very important to have early on. Most damage buffing Perks are pretty good when starting off, especially if you are playing solo.

In a team setting, defensive Perks like Barricade are often going to bring more value than offensive ones. You will ideally want to be your team’s tank, and defensive Perks help you do that.

As you level up in this game, the number of Perks you can equip will increase. You can equip up to 4 different Perks once you hit level 15. All the Perks available to the Fighter class are good in their own way, so you can get pretty creative with them.


All 8 Skill available to the Fighter class, with Sprint and Second Wind equipped.

The Skills available to the Fighter class are:

  • Second Wind
  • Shield Slam
  • Perfect Block
  • Breakthrough
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Sprint
  • Taunt
  • Victory Strike

When it comes to which ones are best, well the choice here is going to be much easier than the one for Perks. In nearly any scenario, the best Skills to go for will be Sprint and Second Wind. Both of these are currently very versatile and provide something that makes the Fighter class as strong as it is.

Upon activation, the Sprint skill will give you a boost of 50 movement speed for 6 seconds. Mobility is often the difference between life and death in a game like Dark and Darker, and 50 movement speed is very significant.

Second Wind is one of the best defensive Skills at your disposal. It will regenerate 40% max health over 12 seconds. This is very useful, especially while in combat.

The best thing about both these Skills is that they are good when playing solo and when playing as a team. Mobility and healing are almost always going to be useful.


The in-game menu that showcases your equipment, inventory, and stats.

When picking up and equipping gear, it’s important to consider the stats that come with them. Each item you pick up will have certain stat boosts, so which ones are best for the Fighter class?

+All Attributes is almost always going to be the best one to go for. The Fighter class can benefit from a boost to all the stats as compared to a boost to just one. Other than that, stat points in attributes like Damage Reduction and Movement Speed are also very viable options.

Your priority for stats wont change much between playing solo or playing as a team.


Two swords equipped while inside a dungeon.

For your weapons, a classic longsword is a very safe and reliable option available to you. It perfectly fits the playstyle of the Fighter class and has a good balance of damage and speed. For your off-hand weapon, there are a lot of different options that you can go for.

The shield for example is going to be a very safe and reliable option that pairs perfectly with the longsword. You can also opt to go with the Dual Wield Perk and equip 2 primary weapons at the same time. Ranged weapons are also very viable as a second weapon, as they allow you to deal damage from a distance.

Fighter Playstyle

PvE combat vs a basic enemy.

The Fighter class is mainly going to be melee. You do have the option of equipping a ranged secondary weapon, but even if you do that, most of your combat should still be done at close ranges.

When playing solo, you should focus on finding windows to attack when fighting enemies. Most of the enemies in this game can be taken care of with just a few hits. It would be best if you utilized your class’ mobility here to dodge enemy attacks and counterattack quickly.

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Your playstyle in a team setting will generally be much more defensive. Here, you will mainly want to focus on tanking damage and being the frontline for your team. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t attack, you should just be a bit more careful and only attack when it is safe to do so.

Overall, the Fighter class has a very in your face playstyle, with nearly all the combat being done at melee range. It is also the most beginner friendly class in the game, making it the perfect class to start with in Dark and Darker.

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