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Dark And Darker: Complete Fighter Guide

Become the best fighter of the game by reading this guide!

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Some gamers prefer to be on the frontline beating bad guys or skeletal minions showing off their brute strength and powerful abilities that will blast their enemies away, although if overwhelmed and there’s no healer on-site well that could be a huge problem, especially on a dungeon that is dark and crawling with monsters and powerful ones and not only that you’re also going to face other players that might have the edge of taking you down. But enough of that part today we are going to talk about the builds and loadouts of a Fighter in Dark and Darker game.

Where Does the Fighter Perform Best and Worst?

The Fighter is the front-line character in Dark and Darker that players choose if they wish to serve as a tank for their team, engage in intense combat, or don the traditional plate armor that knights are famous for wearing.

It is (by default) a sword and shield class with a ton of options to increase its tankiness, give it access to more weapons, or do any number of other things. But what precisely are the Fighter’s strengths and weaknesses? Consider their advantages and disadvantages:

  • The Fighter has a plan for any circumstance, at least if the player controlling them has thought it through. They have access to daggers, one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, ranged weapons, and more.
  • Only they have a quick-cooldown movement speed ability called Sprint.
  • Its Second Wind healing skill is among the best.
  • Second only to the Barbarian in terms of tankiness is the Fighter, who, depending on the type of armor worn, can even outperform their defense.
  • is at least decent in most respects.
  • The Fighter is not the “best” in any field because it at least does everything “well.”
  • The class feels a little bland because their Skills are generally quite dull to use despite being useful.
  • Is incapable of casting any form of spells.
  • Utilizing a Shield isn’t always a certain defensive strategy because of how blocking functions in Dark and Darker right now.
  • The Fighter class’s ability for stealth is somewhat limited because, when wearing armor, they are one of the classes with the slowest movement speeds and the loudest.
  • Generally requires a steady supply of better weapons from looting or from the Weaponsmith merchant because it has one of the weakest default weapons in the game.

The Best Skill Options for Fighter

This class doesn’t have a lot of fantastic Skill options, as was described in the Fighter’s disadvantages. Only two of the six options are generally useful, and the rest are mostly dependent on the situation.

These are the reasons Second Wind and Sprint are the two suggested options:

  • Second Wind has a 50% HP Heal and negates Adrenaline Rush’s negative effects. It can only be used once per match, which is the one drawback.
  • For roughly five seconds, Sprint doubles the Fighter’s movement speed. Having this choice really allows the Fighter to get closer to foes because, when wearing armor, they move almost as slowly as the Barbarian.

The Fighter’s Best Perk Options

The Fighter now really shines in the Perks. There are nine Fighter’s Perks, all of which can be used, with only a few of them being noticeably superior than the others.

In addition, many of these Perks give the Fighter additional mechanics, which is wonderful to see in contrast to other Classes that have a lot of tiny +5%-type Perks.

However, these generally appear to be the better choices for the following reasons:

  • Combo Attack – This Perk is continually used because every adversary will take three or more hits from the Fighter’s weapons of lower rarity.
  • Defense Expert – Although a 10% boost might not seem like much, it actually constitutes a significant improvement for a Fighter wearing sets of plate armor with a total value of 200 or more.
  • Swift – In addition to using Sprint, this Perk helps the Fighter overcome their somewhat poor speed, especially when wearing full armor.
  • Weapon Mastery – Due to how much fun it is to play the Fighter, this Perk is by far the most frequently used by players. Every primary or secondary weapon in the game, including bows, crystal swords, and even daggers, can be used by the fighter when equipped.

The Best Defense A Fighter Can Don

The Fighter should generally use common sense when it comes to armor. The more similar to plate armor it is, the better, and players should only select leather over plate when there is a significant disparity in item rarity or when the leather item offers a significant advantage to a particular characteristic.

The more armor a Fighter possesses, the more at ease they’ll feel in the middle of the distinctive battle in Dark and Darker, and the better they’ll probably fare. When it comes to stat boosts, the Fighter typically benefits most from anything that raises True Damage, Max Health, Strength, or Agility.

The Best Weapons for The Fighter

The Fighter now has the most options when it comes to weapons when compared to suggestions for any other class when taking into account the Weapon Mastery Perk.

Yes, several of these weapons will do 20 percent less physical damage when used by the Fighter who is equipped with this Perk, but they’re still so helpful that it’s still worth mentioning:

  • Longbow – The Longbow appears to offer the best damage for draw time and other factors, however really any bow may be used for this. Any issue can be handled by a fighter who has a bow in their secondary slot.
  • Halberd – The Halberd has a great move set, deals great damage, and swings relatively quickly. Additionally, because it is a fighter weapon, it is not subject to the damage reduction caused by weapon mastery.
  • Falchion – Players should always be on the lookout for the Falchion as a replacement for their default sword. The moveset is quite similar and it serves the same purposes, however the damage per strike is much more.
  • Spear – For Fighter players who prefer to poke from cover, the Spear is one of the less popular options. The Spear has a long reach, is largely reliable, and hardly ever hits the walls of any hallway.
  • Felling Axe – The amount of time it takes for someone to be able to swing again after using the Felling Axe is extremely brief. But, if they miss, there’s a considerable wind-up until the following swing. Therefore, this is a choice for fighters who are comfortable with their PvP abilities.
  • Zweihander – The Zwei is the last great weapon option that players have access to. The Zweihander doesn’t have the 20% Weapon Mastery disadvantage.

Just Some Things You Might Wanna Know

Beginners can start with this class, and once they determine which features of the Fighter they prefer, they can switch to any of the other classes that are more suited to that facet.

Here are a few additional “generic” advice for players of Fighter as a sort of closing note:

  • Use Bows with Weapon Mastery – The value of bows on the Fighter was already mentioned and may seem obvious, but their importance cannot be understated.
  • Save Second Wind for Those Scary PvP Encounters – Although Second Wind is a significant heal, the Fighter can only utilize it once every game. Therefore, unless it’s in a high-stakes battle, players should aim to avoid utilizing it and instead rely on bandages, healing potions, shrines, or their cleric. Or, in the worst case situation, hold off until after you’ve revived a teammate to restore that lost health.
  • Learning How Block Works Is Important – The only additional defensive option available to players in Dark and Darker besides fleeing is blocking attacks, which isn’t always an exact science (and occasionally doesn’t work as it should).
  • Thrown Weapons Are Great Too – Dark and Darker players are already well familiar with fighters that can utilize bows by this point. However, fighters that employ throwing weapons like axes and knives will still catch most people off guard.

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