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Dark And Darker: Easiest Way To Kill Cave Troll

Having a hard time dealing with a Cave Troll? Read this guide!




Found deep within the Goblin Caves, The Cave Troll is one of the first bosses most people will encounter in Dark and Darker. With its extremely high damage potential and respectable HP, the Cave Troll is a formidable opponent that can be extremely difficult to take down.

Our guide will be looking at the easiest way to kill the Cave Troll in Dark and Darker. Taking the boss down as soon as possible will let you get your hands on the amazing loot waiting for you at the end.

Easiest Way to Kill Cave Troll

The Cave Troll performing an attack.

The Cave Troll is a pretty simple boss, as a lot of what it does is pretty standard. There are no weird gimmicks to the fights that you need to look out for. So what makes the boss difficult?

Despite being a standard big boss, the Cave Troll has a few attacks with extremely high damage. These attacks will take away most of your HP or just straight-up kill you. If you are not used to the fight, there’s a good chance these attacks might catch you off guard.

That being said, by knowing what attacks to watch out for and how to approach the fight, beating the boss should take you no time at all.

Where to Find the Boss?

The map of the Goblin Caves.

Most of the maps in Dark and Darker will have slightly different layouts each time you load into them. Goblin Caves are no different in this regard, as the map will always feel a bit different, and this includes the Cave Trolls spawn point. Despite the spawn being different, the Cave Troll will still always spawn somewhere in the middle of the map.

Attacks to Watch Out For

The Cave Troll performing his ground shaking attack that you need to dodge.

The majority of the boss’ attacks will be standard swipes with its club. These attacks can be easily dodged or even blocked with a shield. The attacks that you need to watch out for are the Cave Troll’s heavy attacks and its ground shake attacks. Both of these can instantly kill you, so it’s crucial that you react to them properly.

Luckily, both of these attacks have tells that let you know that the attack is coming. For the heavy attacks, the Cave Troll will always roar and then charge at you before attacking. There are going to be 2 variations of this heavy attack. One is a low swipe that you will need to jump over and the other is a head height attack that must be dodged by crouching. It’s also important to note that the roar by the Cave Troll will also slow you down a bit.

Alongside the heavy attack, you will also need to properly dodge the ground-shaking attack. The Cave Troll will always put both hands on its weapon before performing the attack. Always move backward to dodge the ground shake attack, as that is the best way to dodge that attack.

Gameplay Tips

The Fighter class is great for taking on the Cave Troll.

The class you play will have a huge effect on how you approach the fight. This is one of the only boss fights in the game that doesn’t favor any specific class, as both range and melee classes are good against the Cave Troll. For new or inexperienced players, using a class like the Fighter class might make the boss fight easier.

Once you are in the boss area, your playstyle is almost always going to be the same. Dodge or block the Cave Troll’s attacks and then counterattack and land a few blows of your own. Always remember, don’t be greedy. The boss has extremely high-damage attacks, so your main priority should always be on avoiding all incoming attacks. There will be ample windows to land your own hits and deal damage.

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Defeating the Cave Troll will give you plenty of valuable loot. Other than the loot dropped by the boss, you can also find a bunch of other items in a hidden room that you can open after defeating the Cave Troll.

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