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Dark and Darker Beginner Tips

I cast fireball!

Alexis Ongsansoy



If you’ve ever played a dungeon crawler before then you would know that you’re in it for the money. Dark and Darker lets you do just that as you head into The Forgotten Castle to do one thing, and that’s to loot everything you see that isn’t bolted to the floor. The problem is there are other undesirables who wish to do the same thing, now you have to fight monsters and people alike. No one said ever said anything about sharing! Worry not as we’ll let you in on a few secrets on how you can get back home safely with your souvenirs intact.

Beginner Tips | Dark and Darker

The goal of the game is simple: Head into the castle, bash someone’s skull with a mace for sharing the same room with you, loot chests that you can open, and come back with your head in one piece. Here’s a few more things to take note of to guarantee a successful raid

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1.     Find bandages

If you’re just starting out then you will have nothing much on your person. Head into the dungeon, smash a vase or two, and pray that you get some bandages. You will need them if you ever have an encounter while on your way down.

Playing as a Ranger you should have at least one Campfire Kit with you. It’s basically a free medkit but you have to light it up first and sit down for your health to recover. Be careful when doing this as other players still wandering the dungeon might run into you.

The next time you head down you should already have enough money to buy one or two of them so make sure to get some from Michael Caine in the merchants tab. Remember to look for Surgical Kits as well!

2.     Use your consumables

Some classes come with a few extra tools to help them along their way. For example the Ranger has hunting traps that can be placed behind doors in order to make a getaway. The Rogue has a set of throwing knives.

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You can even find molotov cocktails disguised as Explosive bottles that you can use to block off a narrow corridor. Ale is an option as well as it gives you plus 11 strength upon consumption.

3.     Go into the zone

Dark and Darker has its own version of the zone where dark magic closes in on players the longer they hang around the dungeon. Don’t think twice about heading towards it if you ever feel that you’re in a losing battle. The damage that the circle does to you isn’t that much and you can easily patch yourself up once you’re in a safe place.

4.     Close doors

The amount of people that get axed in the back never really dwindled as the lot of them keep on forgetting to close doors. Don’t make the same mistake, it takes less time to close a door compared to opening it and it could even get you out of a bind if you’re fast enough.

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If you notice a door that’s clearly missing then a Barbarian has probably broken through it so you might want to head in a different direction if you don’t have any plans on fighting.

5.     Listen to movement

The game has a little bit of emphasis on sound, once you hear a set of footsteps echoing throughout the hallways you can bet it’s a player. Knowing where your enemy is and what they’re doing is crucial to helping you make your next decision, which should end up with you coming back home alive.

Now you know the things you can do in order to survive your next run. Practice your swings and you’ll be suffering from success in no time!

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