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Prehistoric Kingdom: What Animals Are Available for The Early Access

At Prehistoric Kingdom’s Early Access, 23 Animals were said to be available for players to play with.




Prehistoric Kingdom is a game about prehistoric creatures, and the animals are what make up the characters. They are a diverse group of extinct species that populate the park and are its main attraction. You’ll meet them during your time spent constructing and designing your park. To keep them happy and healthy, you need to look after them.

What Animals Are Available for The Early Access in Prehistoric Kingdom

Many of the animals in the Prehistoric Kingdom come from diverse lineages, epochs, and regions. Examples are the recently extinct Woolly Mammoth and the huge Brachiosaurus, just two of the 23 animals you will encounter at the game’s Early Access. You will need to provide proper treatment and housing for these creatures. In addition, the park will become their sanctuary.

Available Animals

Currently, it is confirmed that there will be 50 different ancient animals on the game’s grand launch, but during Early Access, the developers only showed 23.

With that said, here are the 23 animals that will be available at Prehistoric Kingdom’s Early Access:

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