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How Much Internet Does Wuthering Waves Use?

Can you rely on mobile data to play Wuthering Waves?




Wuthering Waves has managed to make its name as one of the best gacha games out there in just a month since its full release. Like a lot of other gacha games, Wuthering Waves is primarily an online game, so having an internet connection is a necessity.

If you are someone who is playing with a limited amount of internet, then it is important to know how much internet the game will use. We will be looking at exactly that in this article.

Internet Usage

Wuthering Waves requires an active internet connection to play online, but its internet usage isn’t that high. If you play the game regularly for 2-3 hours each day, the game will roughly use up somewhere around 2 GB per month. The 2-3 hours takes into account logging in, doing daily missions, and spending Waveplates. In terms of days, that will be less than 100 MB per day. Of course, this number will be different depending on how many hours you put into the game.

A character in Wuthering Waves performing a special move.

Most gacha games like Wuthering Waves are pretty low in internet consumption and will not eat up a lot of your data or wi-fi. For a more exact number, you can measure how much internet the game uses directly through your phone.

Once you’re done playing the game, make sure it isn’t running in the background. Games like Wuthering Waves will also eat up some of your internet if they are running in the background.

Updates and Downloads

trailer footage showcasing the map of Wuthering Waves

As it is a live service game, patches are very frequent in Wuthering Waves. Most of the times when the game releases a patch or fixes some issue, they will release an update. Downloading this update will use up internet equal to the size of the update. So, if the update is 1GB, downloading it will take 1GB of your internet.

Similarly, downloading the game will also use up a lot of your data. For updates and downloads, it’s always best to use a wi-fi connection that allows unlimited usage.

If you’re new to Wuthering Waves, be sure to check out our guide on what to prioritize in early game in Wuthering Waves.

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