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Black Myth Wukong: Is It the Most Ambitious Upcoming RPG?

Black Myth Wukong has wowed the gaming community with its insane attention to detail and very immersive gameplay. But will it be able to live up to our expectations? Is it the most ambitious RPG to be ever released?




The release of the first trailer of Black Myth Wukong back in 2020 has impressed the gaming community due to how insanely good-looking and ambitious this game might turn out to be. However, apart from the trailer, nothing much has been revealed about it, leading people to speculate and want even more information.

Of course, with gameplay that pretty much looks Souls-like at its core, people are dying to know more about this project. But with all of the features the game has teased in its trailer, will it actually be the most ambitious RPG that’s about to come?

Is Black Myth Wukong the Most Ambitious Upcoming RPG?

Black Myth Wukong is currently developed by a Chinese indie game studio known as Game Science. Their portfolio included a variety of mobile and PC free-to-play games such as 100 Heroes and Art of War: Red Tides.

Some members of the team were part of Tencent’s Quantum Studio but later on, fell apart due to poor performance of the game they were working on. As of now, Game Science is a rather small team, and the trailer they showcase is designed not just to hype players up but also to draw in new talents to their project.

What’s the Game About?

Though there’s not much information regarding the game, it seems that it’s loosely based on the classic tale Journey to the West which is one of the most popular Chinese literature. The tale follows the journey of Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King, alongside a few of his peers. It seems that he’s the main character in the game.

A Look at Its Gameplay

In the two trailers released, we were able to take a glimpse of how Black Myth Wukong’s combat will turn out. It’s basically a 3rd-person action RPG with a bit of Souls-like gameplay at its core.

Wukong is depicted to be wielding his magic-imbued staff which has the ability to grow in length and perform devastating attacks. One of the trailers also showed Wukong using various abilities depending on the situation. There’s one that allows him to deflect attacks, freeze enemies in place, or parry large groups of enemies.

There’s even an ability that lets him transform into three flying creatures. Another thing that makes this game ambitious is the number of details during the boss fights in the trailer. There are tons of elements included in the fight and some structures can even get destroyed when hit.

By now, there’s not even any information regarding its release date. However, Game Science aims to release the game on both PC and consoles, so basically everyone can play it as soon as it releases.

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