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SURV1V3: Crafting Item Locations

All this crafting and I left my pickaxe at home.

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surv1v3 crafting item locations

SURV1V3 is a multiplayer co-op zombie slaying game with lots of weapons, blood, and violence to spare as you and your friends work together to slaughter the walking dead. One of the things that you can do to improve you and your friends odds of survival is to use crafting machines you find around the city. By using blueprints, you’ll be able to create more powerful weapons and ammo that you can use to, well, survive! As well as just make you look cool as you and your friends fight the waves of enemies that attempt to kill you.

Crafting Item Locations in SURV1V3

surv1v3 crafting item locations2

Survive being a VR game seems like it’s a much smaller area then it feels when you’re in game. So be careful when exploring the map and don’t get carried away with expecting to arrive at your destination right off the bat.

Remember, the goal is to survive, and that means to be careful as you collect the items you need for crafting. The Crafting table consists of Powder, Tape, Wood, Metal, TGlue, Paint, and Circuits. Once you’ve collected the items you need, you can find a Craft O Machine, which will provide you with a menu that shows all the available items you’ve unlocked.

Once you’ve decided on what you want to create, you can simply drop the appropriate items into the crafting machine. Once you do, press go and out will pop your selected item, shiny and new.

Picture and Map created by Steam User calansvc

surv1v3 crafting item locations3

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