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Roblox: How to Unlock Rouge Fast | All Orbs and Switch Locations in Sonic Speed Simulator

Rouge the Bat is the newest skin that you can unlock in Sonic Speed Simulator, and unlocking it is a bit more challenging than the other skins.




A new update in Sonic Speed Simular has just dropped, and one of its major releases is the new Rouge the Bat skin. However, as with any other new skin, there’s not much information regarding how to unlock this new skin.

In case you don’t have it yet, then this guide will help you get it.

How to Unlock Rouge Fast | All Orbs and Switch Locations in Sonic Speed Simulator in Roblox

In order to unlock Rouge, you will need to complete Rouge’s Heist which involves collecting a bunch of items inside a specific area. Specifically, you will need to complete the following to complete the mission:

  • 150,000 Uncut Diamond
  • 20 Hidden Purified Pearl
  • 1 Tear of the Diamond Queen

To start, you want to head over to Rouge’s Heist in order to enter the new Diamond Terminal zone. From there, you can enter the location where you can collect all of the items you need. Once inside, you’ll notice that they are all pretty scattered, especially Uncut Diamonds.

The pearls aren’t that hard to find as you can come across a bunch of them as you explore the area. Just make sure to search through every nook and cranny you can find for some pearls.

As for the Tear of the Diamond Queen, you can actually find it right after entering the zone. However, it is encased behind a wall of security lasers. In order to disable the security, you first need to collect 30 security cameras which you can find throughout the zone. After collecting all cameras, you should then be able to get the item.

On average, you’ll spend around 40 minutes to an hour in order to complete all 3 missions. This is because the map is actually quite big, and the only way to go fast is to keep running at all times.

Once all three missions are completed, a dialogue from Rouge will then appear on the left side of your screen. You will then receive the new skin shortly after.

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