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Ravenlok: Where to Find the Clock Tuning Key To Wind Up the Clocks

Find the clock tuning key to get all these weird and fancy clocks running.




The clock tuning key is one of the first key items you will need to find in Ravenlok’s story.

This key is necessary to wind up the clocks as part of the prologue. It can be tricky to spot since it’s easy to confuse it for another item, but it’s pretty easy to find.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the clock tuning key and how to use it.

Clock Tuning Key Location in Ravenlok

Source: Shadowcoast Gaming

The clock tuning key is required for the “Wind up the Clocks” quest as part of the game’s short prologue chapter.

You will need to find it to wind up the clocks, just like the quest’s name implies! This task is given to you by Mom when you’re helping her move into the house.

The good news is that you won’t have to move around too much to find the key at all, since it’s inside the house.

Source: Shadowcoast Gaming

Head to the kitchen on the right side of the house and look for the fridge. It’s on the left wall of the kitchen.

Investigate the counter next to the fridge to find the clock tuning key. It’s a bit tricky since you might assume it’s a scissor when looking at it from afar!

Anyway, pick it up and the quest will update. Now you just need to tune the clocks with it.

The clocks are the large masks in the center of the house. Very strange designs, right? Approach them and interact with them.

Choose to use the key you just picked up and the protagonist, Kira, will automatically tune them all. She’s quite efficient!

That will complete the quest. Just speak with Mom again to tell her that the clocks are all tuned and she will comment on it, allowing you to progress the game’s story.

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