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Ravenlok: How to Solve the Statue Puzzle

Solving this puzzle allows you to unlock the door to the nearby greenhouse.




As you make your way to the castle in the later parts of the game, you will have to go through a huge garden first. This area generally tasks you with looking for Ernst the Botanist.

However, getting to him won’t be that easy as there are several puzzles you have to solve along the way. One such puzzle involves statues outside the greenhouse.

Let’s find out the exact solution to solve the statue puzzle in High Garden.

Statue Puzzle Solution in Ravenlok

Source: Maka91Productions

After clearing the Labyrinth, you’ll be able to restore the cracked mirror which you can use to get to the High Garden.

Up ahead is a huge greenhouse, and as you approach it, you’ll notice two statues outside.

Source: Maka91Productions

As you approach one of the statues, you’ll notice a panel below it that you can interact with.

Basically, the gist of this puzzle is to enter the exact number of animals on the panel. For this, you’ll have to count all of the statues in the area and enter the exact number.

However, we’ll just proceed to tell you the answer right away instead.

Source: Maka91Productions

For the statue on the left, the answer is 2 bears and 0 mice. After confirming your answer, a group of monsters will ambush you. Take care of the monsters so you can proceed to the next statue.

Once you’ve taken down the monsters, a brief cutscene will play showing the statue turning toward the greenhouse.

For the statue on the right, the answer is 6 owls and 4 rams. Same as the previous statue, a group of monsters will ambush you.

This will then solve the puzzle, and you’ll notice that the door to the greenhouse is now open. Sadly, you won’t be able to enter yet as the gas inside is poisonous.

Meanwhile, you also unlock the Trick Question! achievement for solving the statue puzzle.

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