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Ravenlok: Runestone Puzzle Solution

It’s time to search the ruins, for some runes!




While you’re exploring the ruins area in Ravenlok, you will run into this huge temple with four massive statues standing at the gate.

However, you won’t be able to get inside the temple as the door is locked. If you interact with the door, you will then receive a quest called Runestone Puzzle.

As the name implies, this quest requires you to solve the puzzle so you can open the door. If you don’t know the solution, we’re here to help you out.

What’s the Runestone Puzzle Solution in Ravenlok

Source: Maka91Productions

The temple in question is called the Collapsed Temple. Shortly after receiving the quest, head to the lower right and interact with the runestone containing some rune inscriptions.

Doing so will give you a hint for the runestone puzzle solution so you can solve it with ease. The inscriptions say:

“Love after Courage, Courage before Strength, Grace after Love”

This is essentially the order in which you have to activate the runes on the four giant statues standing in front of the temple door.

But first, you have to locate the runes themselves.

Source: Maka91Productions

To start, simply go to your left and look for the rune on a pillar in the ruins. This will be the runestone for Strength.

Source: Maka91Productions

After that, continue to the left to look for the second rune that’s also on a pillar. This will be the runestone for Grace.

Keep moving up ahead to find the next rune on a pillar. This time, it will be the runestone for Love.

For the last rune, all you have to do is look for the pillar a bit to the far left of the temple door as shown above in the image.

After you’ve collected the runes, simply go back to the stone earlier to update your quest objective. Then, head to the temple door to activate the runes in the statues in the exact order.

Here’s the runestone puzzle solution in the exact order:

Simply interact with a statue to receive a prompt asking you to activate it. Choose Yes, and this should then cause the rune to light up. Proceed to the next rune until you activated all four.

Once you’re done, step on the pressure plate in front of the door to open it.

You can now head inside, and you’ll also unlock the Ancient Wisdom achievement at the same time.

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