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Ravenlok: Where to Find Sword and Shield

Prepare yourself to face any hostile creature by getting your basic weapons!




One of the first quests in Ravenlok will task you with acquiring the sword and shield.

The sword will be good for vanquishing hostiles, while the shield will help keep you from harm. They work as expected, thankfully!

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find both of these important pieces of equipment

Where to Find Sword and Shield in Ravenlok

Source: Shadiochao

Both the sword and the shield can be found pretty close to where Spiff the Trainer is when you start the “Arm Yourself” quest.

For the sword, go straight down from where Spiff is and take the right exit. You should eventually reach a castle with lots of heart-shaped decorations.

Source: Shadiochao

The Dark Sword is stuck on a stone pedestal right outside of the castle’s entrance. Approach it and interact with it to pull it out. It’s all yours now!

Now it’s time to pick up the shield, so head back to where Spiff the Trainer is.

This time, take the topmost exit past the fountain. You will reach Spiff’s house, which is also known as the Victorian House.

Enter the house and then run straight to the right, you should reach a room with lots of paintings of rabbits on the far wall.

Look for the closet in this room, it might be shaking a bit. Don’t worry, there’s not a living being stuck inside!

Open the closet to reveal the Ancient Shield. It will be automatically acquired and equipped!

You have your sword and board ready to go, you can now face all of the strange hostile creatures you will encounter during your journey!

Just remember to pay Spiffy the Trainer a visit before you set out. This will complete the Arm Yourself quest for you, allowing you to progress the game.

That’s all there is to know about obtaining the sword and shield in Ravenlok!

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