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Where to Find Cinder in Ravenlok

Seems that Camy the Cauldron can’t start a fire, help them out with some cinders.




One of the first quests in Ravenlok will task you with finding some cinder for the living cauldron, Camy the Cauldron.

Camy just can’t seem to figure out a way to start a fire without it, which prevents them from making potions for you. That’s a huge shame!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you where to find all pieces of cinders required for the Potion Making quest.

How to Get Cinder in Ravenlok

Source: Shadiochao

You will need to obtain 4 pieces of Cinder for the Potion Making quest given out by Camy the Cauldron, as previously mentioned.

Cinder can be primarily obtained by finding extinguished campfires. They will have lots of wooden logs with some residual embers.

These logs are considered Cinders by the game, which describes them as combustible pieces of wood by the game.

Source: Shadiochao

You can find many such campfires around the Witch House in the Mushroom Forest. This is quite convenient if you’re getting them for Camy since that means you’ll already be in the right area!

There are at least 3 campfires by the Witch House itself, the first one will be right next to Camy the Cauldron.

The other 2 campfires in the area will be close to the rightmost exit leading to the Mushroom Forest. That’s 3 down and you’ve barely had to walk!

However, you will also need to venture out into the Mushroom Forest itself for the 4th and final piece.

It’s straight down from the entrance to the Witch House, though, so it’s no big deal. Just be mindful of the enemies that roam the area, don’t let them catch you off guard!

Return to Camy the Cauldron once you’ve collected 4 Cinders and deliver them to complete the Potion Making part of the quest.

That’s all there is to know about finding cinders in Ravenlok!

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