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Ravenlok: Where to Find Cleaning Cloth

You will need to find this key item very early in the game’s story.




Seeking a cleaning cloth is one of the very first things you will do in Ravenlok.

Your character will stumble upon a strange dirty mirror as part of the game’s prologue. It simply won’t do to leave it dirty, so you will need to find a cloth to wipe it clean!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you exactly where to find this item so that you can progress the game’s story.

Cleaning Cloth Location for the Mirror in Ravenlok

Source: Shadowcoast Gaming

This is one of the first objectives you will have to complete in the game, as it’s part of the game’s short prologue chapter.

More specifically, you will need to find the cleaning cloth to clean a mirror during the “Into the Barn” quest. This starts after you help Mom and Dad with moving into the new house.

Once Dad gives you the barn key and you head inside, you will encounter a strange mirror. Sadly, it’s so dirty that it barely has a reflection! That’s where the cloth will come in handy.

The cleaning cloth is found all the way back to your house, somewhere in the kitchen.

Head into the house and go right to head toward the kitchen. You will find a yellow cloth next to a pair of plates, pick it up and it will count as your cleaning cloth.

Now you just need to head back into the barn and approach the mirror. Make sure you’re done exploring before you do so, though, since cleaning the mirror will advance the story.

Nonetheless, just interact with the mirror and choose to approach it. Your character will clean it, completing the Into the Barn quest! She cleaned it a little too well, maybe?

That’s everything there is to know about finding the cleaning cloth during Ravenlok’s prologue.

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