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No Man’s Sky Outlaws: How to Get Rare Royal Multitool | Location

Getting an A-Class Royal Multitool in No Man’s Sky: Outlaws is pretty rare. Luckily, there’s a certain location that will allow you to get one pretty easily.




In order to get a Royal Multitool in the first place, you’ll want to visit a Sentinel Pillar, interact with the terminal outside, and choose the Extract Weapons Technology option. By doing so, you should be able to see the Royal Multitool that’s available inside.

However, most of these multitools you can find are C-Class, which means if you want to maximize the tool, you will be limited to the number of slots it has. Your best option is to look for a higher class multitool. In this case, we’ll be talking about a rare A-Class Royal Multitool that you can obtain in a certain location.

How to Get Rare Royal Multitool in No Man’s Sky: Outlaws

To get the multitool, the first thing you want to do is head to a nearby portal. Then, you simply have to input the following glyphs to travel to the area where the multitool can be found:

This can be found in the Euclid galaxy on planet Naamoshu Z12 at coordinates -23.73, +117.44. Do take note that there will be tons of communication stations in the area, so make sure to turn off the multiplayer settings first before entering the system.

One important thing you’ll want to keep in mind is to prepare at least 5 million units in order to purchase the tool. Since it’s only A-Class, it only contains 11 slots in total, but it’s still far better than most of the Royal Multitools you can find somewhere else.

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World of Warcraft: How to Craft Iskaaran Harpoon | Head and Pole Locations

Iskaaran Harpoon can be found in Iskaara, Azure Span





The Iskaaran harpoon is a Fishing Gear that allows players to catch exceptionally big lunkers. Its reagents are Harpoon Head and Wooden Pole. Players want to know where to craft and how to craft this weapon.

Luckily, this guide will teach you exactly where and how to craft Iskaaran Harpoon. Let’s go.

How to Craft Iskaaran Harpoon?

To craft the Iskaaran Harpoon, you will need the help of Tavio, the fishing gear crafter. He sells fishing gear, Fishing gear upgrades, and Fishing spots. 

Tavio can be located in Iskaara, Azure Span. It’s near the Brackenhide Hollow dungeon.

Under Fishing gear, you can see the Iskaaran Harpoon. The reagents required for it is a Wooden pole and a Harpoon head. You can check the box on the upper right to track the recipe even when you’ve closed the window.

Next to Tavio, is a blacksmith. You can craft the required items in that area.

Once you’ve crafted them, you can return to Tavio and craft the Iskaaran Harpoon. That’s all you need to craft Iskaaran Harpoon!

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