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Honkai Star Rail: All Treasure Locations in Exalting Sanctum

Lay your hands on all the treasures you can find!




Treasure chests are plentiful in Honkai: Star Rail. In fact, almost every location that you can come across will contain some treasure chests waiting for you to discover.

A good example is the Exalting Sanctum area in the Xianzhou Luofu. This area alone contains a total of 7 Basic Treasure chests in different locations.

Despite the name, these Basic Treasure chests actually contain several useful items including Adventure Logs, Lost Gold Fragments, Stellar Jades, and some Credits, to name a few.

If you want to get your hands on all of these treasures in the area, this guide will point you toward their locations.

All Treasure Locations in Exalting Sanctum in Honkai: Star Rail

Since all 7 treasure chests are scattered in different locations throughout the Exalting Sanctum, we’ll start with a single location first and go from there. This will make it a lot easier to follow through.

Source: Mobile Game

So for the first Basic Treasure chest, teleport to the Space Anchor in the Court of Tranquility. Once you get there, go to the northeast section of the map and go down the small flight of stairs.

You’ll be able to spot the first chest on the right corner alongside some crates.

Source: Mobile Game

For the second chest, simply head north until you come across some dining tables and chairs. The chest will be to the side right next to the bench.

Source: Mobile Game

After that, teleport to the Court of Tranquility once again then head northwest this time. The chest will be outside the building that’s behind NPC Yancui.

From there, go northeast and go past NPC Guangda as well as the two ladies. The chest will be on the corner behind them.

Next, teleport to the Space Anchor in Synwood Pavilion. Head west, and you’ll find the chest in between the plants.

After that, go downstairs then head west. Look for NPC Shumiao, and you should be able to find the chest behind her.

For the last chest, simply go all the way to the east. It will be between a pot of plants and a building.

This wraps up your hunt for all 7 Basic Treasure chests in the area. All of them will give you the same rewards which makes them perfect for gathering specific resources.

At the same time, you will be able to gain a lot of Trailblaze EXP that can help you increase your Trailblaze Level pretty quickly.

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