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Honkai: Star Rail: How to Solve the Repair Threshold Puzzle in Robot Settlement

Complete the circuit, solve the puzzle, and grab the loot!




Every area in Honkai: Star Rail has a variety of puzzles that you can solve for various rewards. They are fun little brain teasers that will give you some rewards upon completion.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the repair threshold puzzle in the Robot Settlement area of Jarilo-VI.

How to Solve the Puzzle in the Robot Settlement in Honkai: Star Rail

Source: Mobile Game

You can find this puzzle in the northeastern part of the Robot Settlement in Jarilo-VI. It should be marked on your map with a jigsaw piece, and you can start it by interacting with a huge ball-shaped mechanism.

As you can see, there are 4 black nodes that you can’t rotate, each one with 2 tubes. You must connect both tubes to the lighter nodes to form a continuous circuit.

Source: Mobile Game

Start by rotating the node to the left of the topmost black node. It has to connect to both adjacent black nodes and the light node under it.

Now, rotate the light node directly below the previous one. It should connect to the leftmost and bottom left black nodes, the light node above it, and the light node to the right and below it.

We know these instructions can be a bit confusing in text form, so use the images as a reference.

Source: Mobile Game

After that, rotate the bottom center light node. It must connect to the node you were rotating previously and the two other nodes at the bottom.

Next, rotate the node at the bottom right. It should have a V-shape which will connect the node you rotated previously and the one directly above this one.

Move on to the Y-shaped middle right node. Connect it with the white nodes above and below, and the black node to the right.

Lastly, rotate the node to the right of the topmost black node until it finishes the circuit. The circuit should turn yellow and look like the image above.

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