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God of War Ragnarok: Where to Get All New Shields

Find these shields to get an achievement




God of War Ragnarok Where to Find All Shield Locations

Ragnarok. Each of the new shields has a unique ability and offers a variety of playstyles. You can defend, wait for your enemy to finish their attack, parry, and launch a counterattack.

We’ll demonstrate where to discover each shield in the game.

Where to Find All Shield Locations in God of War Ragnarok

Where to Find All Shield Locations in God of War Ragnarok
Credits: GosuNoob

In God of War Ragnarok, Kratos’ Guardian Shield will sustain damage. It cannot be used to deflect attacks.

Don’t worry; when you arrive at the House of Sindri, he will fix your damaged shield. Since it will take some time to finish, he advises getting another shield.

Guardian Shield will sustain damage

Then upgrading and crafting will become available. In addition to the Guardian Shield, there are four more shields. You can unlock the Phalanx achievement by having all five shields.

Obtaining All of the Shields

Obtaining All of the Shields God of War
Credits: GosuNoob

The locations of all five shields that you can acquire throughout the game are listed here.

Dauntless Shield

Dauntless Shield God of War
Credits: GosuNoob

You can craft the Dauntless Shield in the blacksmith.

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Stone Wall Shield

The Stone Wall Shield is craftable, like the previous shield.

Shatter Star Shield

Shatter Star Shield God of War

The Legendary Chest in Vanaheim, located south of the abandoned village, contains the Shatter Star Shield.

Onslaught Shield

Onslaught Shield God of War

After defeating the Garm boss in Helheim, the Onslaught Shield can be received from the Legendary Chest.

After completing the task, you cannot return to this area of Helheim. If you don’t take the shield now, it will be added to the blacksmith’s inventory.

Guardian Shield

Guardian Shield God of War

The Guardian Shield will automatically be returned to you in The World Of Fate path.

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