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Enshrouded: Best Legendary Weapon and Armor Loot Locations

Get kitted out quick with these great loot farming locations.

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There are a handful of locations in Enshrouded where you can find and loot chests which will respawn each time you load into the game. 

This is the best way to get the best legendary weapons and armor as soon as possible to help make our game more fun and satisfying.

Here, we will show you the best method to get these legendary weapons and armor.

Best Legendary Weapon and Armor Loot Locations

When farming for weapons and armor in these loot locations all you will need to do is place a Flame Altar as nearby as you can then hop on over to the chest location, collect the loot, log out, and respawn back at the nearby Flame Altar. Rinse and repeat until you’re satisfied with your drops!

They can be reached on foot, but using a Glider is going to make your life a lot easier.

These four locations will help you farm the best weapon and armor drops as you progress through various stages of the game, from when you are just starting through to some major Legendary loot.

So follow us through or jump ahead to the part you need from the list below.

Loot locations:

  • Early Game – Northeast of the starting base
  • Mid Game – Glenwood’s End
  • Late Game – Ridgeback Mine (Flame lvl  5+)
  • Late Game; Highest tier gear & bonus chest – Sun Temple (Flame lvl 5+)

Northeast of the Starting Base – Early Game

Northeast of starting base

(Source: Axrora)

If you are just starting, then check out how to farm legendary weapons in the early game. You will not only find out how to get to the location to the northeast of your base but also discover what to do with all the extra weapons you don’t want anymore.

Types of drops may include, but are not limited to:

  • Common: Shepherds Lightning Staff, Apprentice Wand, Crackling Wand, Masterful Mace
  • Uncommon: Forest Longbow
  • Rare: Ring of Mana, Masterful Mace
  • Legendary: Wolf’s Snarl Longbow, Ring of Endless Life

Glenwood’s End: Mid Game

Glenwood's End

Directly north of your base, a fair way up, you will find the Revelwood Ancient Spire. It is about double (and a bit) the distance that it is from your base to the Springlands Ancient Spire.

 If you’ve already unlocked the Revelwood Ancient Spire, fast travel there before heading up further north and very slightly west to Glenwood’s end.

Glenwood's End treasure marker

Once you are at Glenwood’s End, the chest is not in the main building but in a separate small building up to the northeast.

mini boss entrance

Enter the building but keep in mind that there will be a mini boss which you will need to fight as you enter the room.

Flame Altar placed

Once you have defeated it, place a Flame Altar down in the center, both to stop any enemies from spawning and to allow a very short run to the chest that you will find up ahead.

Open the chest, grab your loot, exit the game by ‘Return to the Main Menu’ and load back in.
The chest will be closed again with new loot for you each time you return to the game.

Types of drops may include, but are not limited to:

  • Common: Warrior Helmet, Wizard’s Chest (armor), Archer Trousers, Metalstar Mace
  • Rare: Masterful Mace, Apprentice Wand, Elder Staff
  • Epic: Frozen Core Wand, Wolf’s Pack Axe, Root Staff

Ridgeback Mine: Late Game (Flame lvl 5+)

Ridgeback Mine location

The Ridgeback Mine farming spot requires you to be at Flame Level 5 and have opened the Kindlewood Ancient Spire. Fast Travel there if you have it unlocked, Ridgeback Mine is southwest from there.

Flight starting point

Stick with us for this, it’s a bit of a maneuver getting to the best spot to place your flame altar.

Head to the southwest side of the tower to the furthest corner which is where you’ll launch yourself from. You will be heading for a small rock formation opposite.

Gliding through

A level two Glider should be good enough for you to make the jump, just make sure that you have enough stamina before you leap! You are aiming for a ledge on the side of the rock formation.

Getting to a higher position

From there you are going to need to mine your way to the top of the rock formation. This can take a bit of time but making use of bombs instead of just a pickaxe will help you move the rock more quickly.

south side of the formation

Once you reach the top go over to the south side of the formation where you will find a pointy outcropping of rock. Climb out onto the tip but be careful not to fall off or it will be a fair climb for you all over again.

Gliding to the pillars

Gliding to the top of the two pillars

From the tip of this rock, past the Scavenger camp where you will see smoke billowing from, you’ll see two pillars of rock sticking up. You are going to head over towards the right side of the second one.

Gliding past to the ledge of the right side

Past the first pillar, you’ll be able to see the ledge on the right-hand side of the second that you want to land on. Be Alert! You may be attacked after you land and have to fight to defend yourself.

Mine your way to the top

Once you have dispatched the enemy, mine your way to the top of this column as well.

Flame Altar placed

The top of this column is where you are going to place your Flame Altar. It’s a little fiddly but keep at it until you manage to place it.

Glide to the west of the alter

From the Flame Altar, you will glide west. There is a crevasse in a small rock formation which is where the treasure chest you want to farm will be. Put a marker down to make it easier to find. 

small campfire with a treasure chest

Depending on what angle you approach, you will be able to see a small campfire through the Shroud, and right beside it, you will find your treasure chest.

There are two enemies down there but if you time it right you can land right beside the chest and there is no need to fight them before collecting, returning to the menu, and getting to work farming some great items!

Types of drops may include, but are not limited to:

  • Common:  Gloom Monarch Chestplate, Hawk Trousers, Hawk Gloves, Hawk Helmet, Hawk Chest, Spellbinder Boots
  • Epic: Rotblood Melee Weapon
  • Legendary: Enflamed Sword, Tainted Axe, Rotblood Melee Weapon

Sun Temple: Late Game, Highest (Flame lvl 5+)

Late game Sun Temple location

To reach the Sun Temple where you will find the highest level of loot and armor, fast travel to the Kindlewood Ancient Spire.

northeast corner of the Spire

From the northeast corner of the Spire, you will be able to see the Sun Temple buildings in the distance. Glide over there and keep right to easily avoid the enemies nearby where you will land.  

Cross the bridge and head under the rocky overhang.

Sun Temple entrance

Head up the stairs and inside the temple on the other side of the bridge.

Activate the check point

Make sure to activate the Flame Altar inside so that you can respawn there if you die! There are enemies in this building on the lower levels. Take the stairs down to either the left or right.

Double door entrance

At the bottom, you will see a set of large double doors which you will want to go through to reach the chest.

You will want to place a Flame Altar right in front of these doors to make this chest farm quick, however, you can only place the Flame Altar once you have cleared out all the enemies on the lower level beyond the doors.

Through the double doors, you can once again take the stairs right or left ahead and immediately through another set of doors, you will find the chest on a platform!

Enshrouded area

When you come back out of the doors to the chest, you’ll see a corridor ahead of you. Follow this through to the main room and clear out all the enemies in there so that you will be able to set your Flame Altar down outside those double doors.

Bonus Chest

Bonus chest

Through a door leading off from the left side of the main hall, you will find a room with three more enemies, strong ones but not a boss.

Two will be down on the platform and the third up at the top of the stairs on the other side.

Locked doors

Directly opposite the top of the stairs is a set of locked doors that require you to solve a puzzle.

Avoid the electricity trap

Head left up the stairs, jump over, and avoid the electricity trap at the top. Run down the corridor to activate the switch at the end.

Rune or switch

Head back to the doors and up the stairs on the right, Kill off the enemy at the top, and activate the switch at the end of that corridor as well.

Bonus chest location

When you return to the doors, they will be open. Run straight through to the end of the corridor, there shouldn’t be any enemies there to bother you, and you will find your bonus chest at the end.

If you have placed your Flame Altar by the double doors already you can immediately load out to the menu, back in, and start farming these chests for the highest level weapon and armor!

Types of drops may include, but are not limited to:

  • Common: Spellbinder Hat, Gloom Monarch Helmet
  • Epic: Mirage Staff, Ornate Wood Bow, Undergrowth Staff, Nova Sword, Forsaken Bow
  • Legendary: Ornate Wood Bow, Sword of Radiance, Mirage Staff, Shepherd’s Lightning Staff, Forsaken Bow, Helix Wand

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