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Enshrouded: Best Swords to Get

Slice through the game with these Cutting-Edge Blades!

Tess McGraw



In Enshrouded, sword-slinging combat is an extremely fun playstyle. These swords provide a great balance of speed and damage, making them great for an agile playstyle.

If you are looking for better swords to wield, here’s a list of some of the best swords you can get in Enshrouded.

Best Swords to Get

Whether you’re looking for a sword or other weapon you’re going to need to open a lot of chests to get your haul so if you are not familiar with the best places to do this, you can have a look at the best weapon farming locations.

Otherwise, let’s cut to the chase with what are arguably some of the best swords in the game.

Wailing Blade

Wailing Blade stats

You can find a level 3 legendary Wailing Blade pretty early in the game. It provides a small amount of light when you can’t hold a torch, with its glowing tip and additional stat upgrades as you enhance it.

Scavengers Stash location
(Source: ESO)

It can be found in a guaranteed spawn location in a Scavengers Stash. You can loot the stash northwest of where the game makes you set up your home base.

You are looking for a small hidden cave in the cliff. This is where you will encounter some level 3 enemies and find the gold chest containing the Wailing Blade.

Upgrading the Wailing Blade at your blacksmith will give you a nice boost at the start of the game.


Hailscourge stats

Hailscourge is one of the best swords you can get early- to mid-game once your Flame Level has been upgraded to 2.

Its base stats are better than the fully upgraded Wailing Blade you get early game. It also casts an area of light around you when you use it at night. It is an excellent sword to use if you don’t have a free hand to carry a torch.

Lone Thistle Location

You can loot the Hailscourge in a graveyard in Lone Thistle. The area is in an enshrouded spot. Dig up the graves under the tall grey family tree and you should find it. Approach from the south and be as sneaky as possible. If you are low-level, you should be sneaking anyway because you will be surrounded by a bunch of enemies in and around the house.

Sword of Radiance

Sword of Radiance stats

The Legendary Sword of Radiance is an excellent late-game sword upgradeable to a max damage of 146.

Sun Temple northeast of Kindlewood's Ancient Spire

The sword drops from the chest in the Sun Temple northeast of Kindlewood’s Ancient Spire.

Extinguished Sword

Extinguished Sword stats

The rare Extinguished Sword can pack a mean punch with base damage when upgraded to 158!

Ridgeback Mine location
(Source: Sipder)

The sword drops from a gold chest on a ledge found by jumping off the south cliff all the way at the edge of the map south of the Ancient Spire in Kindlewood, the same place where you would get the Sun Hammer from.

There is a lot of personal preference and compatibility with your build that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing which swords to use. But, with any of these beauties in your grasp, you’re bound to be on point.

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