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Enshrouded: Where to Get Sun Hammer

Get your hands on the heavy Sun Hammer weapon!




There’s a wide variety of weapons and weapon types in Enshrouded. All of these are useful in their own ways, but some are better than others still. The Sun Hammer is a Level 25 weapon with great stats.

With 70 damage and a high max durability of 380, this is a very useful weapon to have. If you’re looking for a blunt-based weapon, it’s one of the best. So, where can you find one?

Where to Get Sun Hammer

To get the Sun Hammer you’ll have to spend some time grinding chests and hoping one of them drops it. The drops are somewhat randomized, so it might take a while.

Head to the area highlighted on the map below. We recommend placing a Flame Altar there, as you’ll have a convenient Fast Travel location. 

Map in Enshrouded

After placing the Flame Altar, you should be able to fast travel here. Try opening the chest and seeing what it drops. If it’s not the Sun Hammer, don’t worry. In Enshrouded, quitting to the menu and reloading the save file resets the chest. You can repeat this process until you eventually find the Sun Hammer you want.

Sun Hammer in Enshrouded

While this process can be boring and tiring, the reward is well worth it in our opinion. Also, keep in mind that you’ll still be getting some cool drops even if it’s not the Sun Hammer specifically. Keep trying, and soon you’ll have a lot of cool gear to use!

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