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Enshrouded: Ancient Spire Low Meadows Puzzle Solution

Get to the tippy top!




The Ancient Spires are the secret to fast travel in Enshrouded. They provide fast travel locations and a platform from which you can glide, and make exploration easier in the Embervale.

Each of these Ancient Spires has a confusing puzzle to get to the top. After solving the puzzles, you’ll make your way to the top and see a flame with some Sparks. This flame unlocks the fast travel point for the tower.

For the Ancient Spire Low Meadows, here’s the puzzle solution so you can unlock the fast travel point.

Where to Find Ancient Spire Low Meadows

Low Meadows
-Source: Quests

While exploring the map is easy, the game doesn’t really tell you everything about the Low Meadows Ancient Spire. For example, you’ll have to explore the entire map to find its location.  That said, you’ll find it East of the starting area in Enshrouded. 


Before you make your way to the entrance. There will be a book lying to the right of the entrance. Head to the book shown in the image above and interact with it to gain XP and a new side quest.

Aside from that, enter the tower and interact with the teleporter to begin the quest.

First Level

First Teleporter

With that, you would have made it to the first level of the Low Meadows. On the left, there is a locked door with two locks above it. The door will only be unlocked once you have pressed two panels in the next room. 


To unlock the first lock, immediately turn to your right and head for the doorway. Be careful, as there is a spike trap at the entrance to the next room. 

Rune 1

Once the spikes are down, jump over the traps and press the panel seen in the image above. The panel will unlock the first of the two locks, to find the next one. These panels or Runes are quite similar to the ones where you climb the Ancient Spires like Revelwood.

Rune 2

The second panel in the room is located on the northern corner of the wall. To get there, you must jump across the floor and avoid being impaled by the spike traps. Then, press the panel seen in the image above.


With the first two locks deactivated, turn around and search for a nearby doorway on the opposite side of the room. Sprint to the other side of the room and make a sharp turn to the right as you enter the doorway, there you will find a stairway.

Chest 1

At the bottom, you will find two shock traps guarding a Treasure Chest. Timing is everything when it comes to crossing, as the two magic bursts can deal a lot of damage. Dodge roll or time the crossing to perfection and unlock the Treasure Chest.

Unlocked room

With the loot in hand, head back up the stairs to the initial room. The door will now be unlocked, and you will find a portal that will take you to the next level. 

Second Level

Second teleporter

At the start of the second level, there will be a spike trap in front of you and a locked door on the right, as seen in the image above.  

At this moment in time, the spike traps are deactivated. So, they are safe to walk across. That said, head to the end of the passageway.

First Rune

At the end of the passage, you will find a panel. Press the panel shown in the image above. Be careful, the panel has now activated the spike traps and it’s about to get prickly. 

Only one spike panel will activate at a time, which means that you will need to follow the traps to safely reach the other side.

Locked Door

Remember the locked door on the right, well now it’s unlocked. Head towards the doorway and enter another room. In this room, there are three doorways, and all of them are locked except for the doorway on the top right. 


Make your way through the doorway and across the spike traps in the next hallway. In the next room you will see a portal and a panel on the left-hand side of the wall.

Third Teleporter

Press the panel on the left wall to unlock the second door. Then, head back to the initial room. On your way there, you will see the second door and a balcony. Inside the second door, you will find a Treasure Chest.


Once you’ve grabbed hold of the treasure, go back to the initial room. You will see an open door. Enter the door shown in the image above, and press the panel located on the wall. Finally, it’s time to use the portal that was found moments earlier.

Third Level

Spike Traps

You will be headed towards a series of spike traps across the floor and will need to reach a door on the opposite side. To cross the spike traps, you need to sprint and jump across the floor to enter through a doorway.

Lava with a platform

On the other side of the doorway, it doesn’t get any easier.  To make it across the pool of lava, you must jump to the platform shown in the image above. Then, jump once more to another platform and climb up the grate on the wall.


At the top, you will notice two shock traps, as seen in the image above. Drop down to the floor and either jump over or sprint through two shock traps

Pressure Plate

At the end of the hallway, there is a pressure plate on the ground, standing on the plate will open the door. However, when you move off the plate, the door closes.

The secret to mastering this puzzle is to stand on the pressure plate and fire an arrow at the button inside the door. After you have hit the button, the door will be unlocked. Enter the doorway and open the Treasure Chest.

Hallway 2

With a tedious puzzle out of the way, go to the end of this short hallway and turn left. On the opposite side of the wall, there is a large grate. 

Grappling Hook to climb across

Use your Grappling Hook to connect to the block shown in the image above. Swing across onto the grate and climb toward the opening in the top right corner. Inside the room, you will find a panel on the wall. Press the panel and drop to the floor below.

Unlocking the Flame

Unlocked Flame

Find your way to the last portal and transport yourself to the top of the Low Meadows. Then, activate the flame in the middle and the Low Meadows Ancient Spire will now be activated. Congratulations! The Carpenter will now be unlocked in Enshrouded

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