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Enshrouded: How to Enter the Red Mist

Dissipate the red mist to unlock new areas!




Certain parts of the world are covered with a red mist in Enshrouded, and trying to enter these areas will result in a quick death.

This red mist can fill up your Enshrouded status effect meter in a manner of seconds, so you’re basically forced to run away or die! However, there’s a way to get rid of the mist.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to dissipate the red mist so that you can enter new areas.

How to Enter the Red Shroud Mist

Enshrouded: How to Enter the Red Mist

The red mist, more appropriately known as the Deadly Shroud, can only be entered once you upgrade your Flame Altar enough.

Shroud Passage Level stat

Every time you upgrade a Flame Altar, you will reduce the Shroud’s presence in the world. This is seen as the “Shroud Passage Level” stat when upgrading.

Strenghten the Flame at the Flame Altar

You can upgrade a Flame Altar by simply approaching it and communicating with it. Then, choose the “Strengthen the Flame” option.

The first upgrade will require the following materials:

  • Resin x5 – You can get it by chopping down trees, or sometimes just picking it from the ground.
  • Red Mushrooms x5 – Collect them from the ground, they appear frequently in grassy regions.
  • Bones x5 – Dropped by animals and humanoids, with Skeletons being the most common source.
  • Shroud Liquid x5 – Harvested from the ball-shaped mushrooms in areas covered by the Shroud’s mist.
  • Spark x1 – This one you can only get as a special reward. Complete Flame Sanctums and Flame Shrines found across the map to get it.
  • Animal Fur x5 – Commonly dropped by all animals, with Rams being the most common source in the early game.
The Deadly Shroud is just regular Shroud now

Strengthen the Flame and check the area to see if the red mist has turned blue. If it did, you can now enter the area! If it didn’t, you’ll need to Strengthen the Flame even further.

Different Deadly Shroud areas will require different Shroud Passage Levels, so you will still see some red Shroud Mist after your first upgrade.

Upgrade requirements!

Always remember, though, you can see which materials are required for the next upgrade by simply checking your Flame Altar.

But, there you have it, now you know how to weaken the red Deadly Shroud mist so that you can explore new areas!

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