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Enshrouded: How to Climb the Springlands Ancient Spire

Climb up this imposing tower and commune with its flame!




Enshrouded features a variety of climbable towers that you can explore for loot and to unlock fast travel, such as the Springlands Ancient Spire.

Get to the top and you’ll get rewarded with ancient knowledge, as well! And who doesn’t love some ancient knowledge?

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get to the very top of the Springlands Ancient Spire in Enshrouded.

How to Climb the Springlands Ancient Spire

Source: The Ginger Empire

To start climbing the Springlands Ancient Spire, approach the purple-ish pink-ish teleporter at its base and interact with it.

This will bring you up one tier and also show you what to expect as you climb this gigantic tower. You’ll have to find other teleporters just like this one to reach higher and higher levels!

You’ll also find a large amount of loot if you explore the inside of the tower, but we’ll be focusing on just going through it. After all, you can freely explore it afterward anyway.

Also, make sure that you have your Grapple already, as it’s required at certain points. Having the Glide as well would help, too!

But anyway, you just hopped on the first teleporter and you should be in a new room.

Look just ahead and you should spot a staircase in the darkness, as shown above.

Go up to the top of the flight of stairs and you’ll see a large gap with a door on the other end.

Jump and use your grapple to cross the gap and you’ll be in front of the door.

Next, go through the door and follow the path to your left.

You’ll come across yet another large gap, this time you can just grapple onto the faraway ledge, so do that.

After you cross, turn to your right and then to your left. Put on your sunglasses if it’s day in-game, as you’ll face a blindingly bright window!

Nonetheless, your next teleporter is right in front of the window, so hop on and you’ll be taken to the next level of the spire.

Halfway Point

As you pop out of the teleporter, you’ll spot a wall with a mesh on it.

Jump towards the wall and grab on, then shimmy to your right to drop onto a balcony.

You should spot a doorway in front of you, but be mindful of the gap between the two balconies! Jump across and go through the doorway.

Turn to your left and you’ll find a flight of stairs leading down.

You should spot the next teleporter in front of you as soon as you go down the stairs.

Once again, you’ll pop out of the teleporter at a higher level of the tower. This time you’ll have a door in front of you, which you can just kick open.

Now, this bit can be a little tricky: there are spike traps covering the floor!

Cross the hallway with the spike floor by timing your jumps with the moment the spike traps pop out. If you do it right, you should avoid them without taking any damage.

You’ll find another door once you reach the other end of the trapped hallway.

Open the door and turn to your left until you’re up against the wall overlooking a teleporter.

While facing the wall, turn to your right to spot yet another door.

Bust the door open and you’ll see a small platforming section where the floor is literally lava. The teleporter is right across, so you’re almost there.

Put your platforming skills to work and jump across without falling to your fiery death!

Lastly, take this final teleporter up and you’ll appear at the very top of the tower. Congratulations, you’ve done it!

All that’s left now is to approach the beacon in the center and commune with its flame. This will unlock fast travel for the Ancient Spire and reveal key locations on your map.

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