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New World: How to Unlock Mounts

Stop walking around everywhere, it’s time to get a mount!




New World is a huge game and walking around everywhere can be annoying! But thanks to the new expansion, you can now unlock mounts.

Mounts will help you speed up your travel speed, but the mount system also unlocks some new quests and features!

Eager to get your first trusty steed in New World? Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to do to unlock mounts.

How to Unlock Mounts in New World

Source: Rodwenn

The first requirement to unlock mounts is that you should own the DLC expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth. They’re not unlockable in the base game, at least for now!

If you own the DLC, you’ll also need to get up to Level 25. As soon as you do, a new quest will unlock in Northern Everfall called “My Kingdom for a Horse”.

We’d definitely consider trading our kingdom for a horse in this game, considering the distances you have to cover!

To make the quest even easier to spot, it has a unique horseshoe-shaped icon. The image above shows its location on the world map.

The easiest way to reach the marked spot is to teleport to Shadowmine Shrine and head straight north.

Either way, travel to the place shown and you’ll encounter an NPC called Joghi Khan. He’s aptly titled as a horse whisperer!

Talk to him and he’ll offer you a quest. It’s an extremely basic quest that takes no time at all to complete, just follow the quest markers in-game and you’ll be done lickety-split.

As your reward, though, you’ll get your first trusty steed: Moonshadow! This horse has a dual functionality: it’s your first mount and having him also unlocks the game’s mount system.

You’ll also unlock two types of Mount Quests, Tours and Rallies. Completing them will reward you with XP that improves your Riding trade skill!

Additionally, completing Mount Quests can also earn you other mounts, such as wolves and lions! They’re pretty awesome, though they seem to function the same as the basic horse.

Nonetheless, now you know how to unlock mounts, so go explore the new world with your trusty steed!

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