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Dragon Adventures: Exotic Egg Locations

The Easter Event of 2022 in Dragon Adventures is coming to an end. If you are still on a hunt for Exotic Eggs, use this article to find their locations.




Easter Egg Hunt is a limited-time event in Dragon Adventures. Like last year, one specific egg will be scattered in one world each day. You will know you’re near an Easter Egg if you hear a particular sound effect.

Exotic Egg Locations in Dragon Adventures

Collecting Easter Eggs will reward you with a trophy and a collar accessory. You also have a possibility of obtaining the Falugeis, an Event Dragon that has a 4 percent chance of hatching from the Easter Eggs. Aside from the Falugeis, event dragons Aranga, Skyrix, and the Ayatrice are up for grab. But, can only collect one of each Easter Egg.

Collecting Exotic Eggs

There is a total of 4 Exotic Eggs that you can find near this location.

The first one is found in the Jungle Temple near the town; fly through the jungle until you reach the temple. The egg will be located on the right side, below the staircase.

The second egg is obtained next to the town, along the stream. The egg will be found near rock formations.

If you just follow the stream, the third easter egg can also be found along that area.

The fourth and last egg can be challenging to locate since it’s hidden underneath a tunnel. You can find the tunnel on your way to the Jungle Temple. While heading to these locations, keep a close eye on your surroundings as the Easter eggs are scattered everywhere on the map, so you might accidentally come across one.

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