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Destiny 2: Opulent Key Location Guide

Opulent keys let you open Opulent chests that contain a wide variety of loots including Opulent weapons and various seasonal rewards. You can get these keys from various locations throughout the game.




Opulent keys are a new addition to Destiny 2 and are exclusive to the current season, Season of the Haunted. You can use these keys to open Opulent chests that you can find all throughout the Derelict Leviathan. It’s worth noting that you can only hold one Opulent key at a time, and each time you get one, it will tell you where you can find its associated chest.

If you’re wondering where you can get these Opulent keys, then keep reading.

Opulent Keys Location Guide in Destiny 2

There are four different ways to get Opulent keys in the game. First is by completing the mission named The Leviathan Returns. However, you won’t be able to get this quest right after logging in to the game. Instead, you have to first complete the first few quests that involve getting the season artifact.

This means having to complete the Nightmare Containment activity in Castellum, then exploring the Royal Pools and Pleasure Gardens right after. You will need to open chests or complete patrols in order to fill up the progress bar for the mission.

Once you complete the quest, you have to head back to the Crown of Sorrow in the HELM to receive an Opulent key. By far, this is the only reliable means of obtaining an Opulent key. The rest will rely on your RNG.

Farming Opulent Keys

If you’ve already completed the above mission, your best option for getting Opulent keys is by opening reward chests. However, since they don’t guarantee an Opulent key drop, that means you’ll have to do them over and over again until you got lucky.

These are the chests you want to aim for:

  • Nightmare Containment reward chests – Can only be found after defeating the final Nightmare boss at tier 3 of the Containment activity.
  • Destination Chests – Can be found aboard the Leviathan. To find these chests easily, you’ll want to equip the Wombo Detector on your Ghost.
  • Haunted Alcove Chests – Can appear after taking down powerful Nightmares which can spawn throughout the Leviathan.

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