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Destiny 2: All 12 Duality Dungeon Collectibles Location Guide

In Destiny 2’s Duality Dungeon, you need to collect all 12 Calus’s Memories, which are hard to find if you don’t know where to look.




Destiny 2 is a fantasy shooting game in which you must complete a variety of main plots and side missions. As you go through the game, you’ll encounter a lot of new challenges and enemies to defeat.

Aside from that, completing dungeons and side missions will give you access to better gear and allow you to get stronger. 

All 12 Duality Dungeon Collectibles Location Guide in Destiny 2

In the new Duality Dungeon, you will need to find all 12 of Calus’s Repressed Memories stored in capsule-like containers.

These are required for the Mind Heist Triumph. Locating the 12 collectibles might be difficult if you don’t have a guide. This article will teach you all the locations to make your gameplay easier.


The first memory is found on the left side right at the beginning of the dungeon. Jump through platforms to reach the wall on the upper left side.

The second memory can be accessed by going to the Dark Realm. It is located at the same exact spot as the first.

Further, you will find the third memory on a small platform in the previous area. After collecting this, drop onto the large drop down and shoot the object to exit the Dark Realm.

Right before the Nightmare of Gahlran boss fight, get the fourth memory located above the platform. 

After the Nightmare of Gahlran boss fight, you will find the fifth memory in a room with a War Beast symbol.

In a large room with tombs, you will need to activate levers. After activating the second, backtrack and climb up the tombs to get the sixth memory.

Continue through the area until you reach a hallway that you will need to jump through. Drop down to get the seventh memory.

You will eventually reach a room with 4 large statues. Go to the Dark Realm again, and head to the area from where you entered. You will find the eighth memory on a platform here.

Once you defeat the Unlock the Vault encounter, climb up the tombs on the left side of the stairs to get the ninth memory.

After the encounter, you will reach an area with  purple crystal-like ground. The tenth memory is located underneath the middle structure.

Follow the path until you reach a dark realm above. Head to the right, and you will find the eleventh memory.

The twelfth and last memory is located right before you drop down to the final boss. You will see an elevated platform on the right side of the area.

Jump through these platforms until you reach a small area with the memory inside.

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