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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Tombs of the Fallen: All Tombs Location

New Tombs of the Fallen and their locations.




The 1.6.1 update for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has just been released. New Tombs of the Fallen, a Rune forge, and the Oskoreia festival all return with this release. Players who own the base game can get the update for free. We’ll show you where each Tomb of the Fallen is located.

Tombs of the Fallen, All Tombs Location in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

You can explore around certain areas in the Tombs of the Fallen to look for treasures. You will receive the Fallen Hero armor set for completing the first set of tombs. The most recent update adds three more Tombs of the Fallen and conquering them grants you access to brand-new weapons.

You don’t need to purchase or own any expansions for it; you just need to get to England first in the story so that you can explore the Tombs of the Fallen. There are seven tombs for the dead, they are the following:

Boudicca Tomb

The Boudicca Tomb is located in East Anglia.

Manius’s Sanctum Tomb

The Manius’s Sanctum is situated across the Nene River from Raventhorpe to the southwest.

Cassivellaunus Tomb

North of Sciropescire is where you’ll find the Cassivellaunus Tomb.

Venutius Tomb

The Venutius Tomb is situated on Anlaf’s Lookout in the heart of Eurviscire, not far from Eagle Point.

These are the first set Tombs of the Fallen, and upon completion, you will receive the Fallen Hero armor set.

Verica’s Tomb

Verica’s Tomb, which is situated in Hatunscire, is the first Tomb of the Fallen that is included in the 1.6.1 update. The weapon, Verica’s Sickle, is yours once you’ve finished it.

Togdomnus’ Tomb

Togodumnus’ Tomb is the second Tomb of the Fallen that was included in the 1.6.1 release. This Tomb can be found in Suthsex, which is in the southern region of England.

To locate the Tomb’s entrance, use your Raven. Togodumnus’ Bearded Axe will be yours once you’ve completed this Tomb.

The Last Tomb of the Fallen

When you have all of the artifacts from the previous Tombs of the Fallen—aside from those in Manius’ Sanctum—the final Tomb of the Fallen will become visible. Once you have collected all five artifacts, return to Manius’s Sanctum, where you will see a cutscene and find the last Tomb to explore. You receive The Blazing Sword, a new weapon, for completing this milestone.

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