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Top 5 Weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

With a vast array of weapons to choose from, how do you determine what is best?

GM Starson



top 5 weapons in assassins creed valhalla 1

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is filled with a plethora of unique and terrible weaponry. While playstyles are going to vary between players, making some weapons more or less useful then they should be, there are some weapons in the game that are just so strong it’s hard to go wrong with them. While stats are important, what primarily sets weapons apart in Valhalla is their secondary effects.

Assassin Creed Valhalla’s 5 Best Weapons

1. The Blazing Sword

blazing sword

The blazing sword is a Mythical level short sword. Besides its impressive stats, it also boosts a unique ability that allows you to fling an energy projectile whenever you do a light attack.  While the energy projectile doesn’t do much damage, the distance it gives you combined with the light stun from the hit to interrupt attacks allow you to get in for more damage than you might expect.

The game doesn’t hand it over easy though, as you’ll have to complete the Tombs of the Fallen challenges and collect the appropriate artifacts, then continue on to the Eden Ring Station and complete all the puzzles associated with that section. Not exactly easy, but absolutely worth it.

2. The Gae Bolg

gae bolg

The Gae Bolg is a divine spear that packs a punch powerful enough to run roughshod over your enemies. Why is this spear so powerful beyond its incredible stats? Because after 3 hits, a lightning strike will hit your enemy causing extra damage, but most importantly, has a chance to stun your enemy. With most normal enemies, dropping them into stun mode leaves them wide open for a kill animation attack.

 Being able to reliably down just about any regular enemy with 3 hits and an animation is not only incredibly powerful, but also very convenient. This spear can only be found after defeating the final boss of the Wrath of Druids DLC, but the power of this weapon alone may justify taking on that mythical boss to get your hands on this spear.

3. The Dwarven Axe

dwarven axe

Fans of our Bearded Bruisers are going to love the design and look of this beautiful axe, but what’s going to convince you to use this thing is that it has the best stats of any axe in the game, but once again, its incredible perk sets it apart. After each kill, your speed will increase for 40 seconds, stacking 3 times.

So not only do you have one of the most powerful weapons in the game, but because of your increased speed negating the downside of the axes slow attacks, you end up with one of the highest DPS weapons in the entire game. Sadly, this weapon is locked behind the Helix Credits, which means that if you’re not willing to shell out real world money for it, you’re going to be stuck rolling the dice with Vendors like Reda and hope that they have the weapon available at the time.

4. Gungnir


Powerful spears are common in stories and history, and it’s no different in AC: Valhalla. Gungnir has the same legendary stats, but combines them with an extension force field. While personally, I believe that the extended arrow field of the spear is more than a little silly looking, the gameplay advantage such a ridiculous reach gives you without negating your ability to deal damage at mid/short range is super important.

Stashed in the region of Hordafylke, accessible after the Brother’s Keeper mission, the spear isn’t all that hard to grab, it’s just very, very remote, down the left hand corridor in the cave near the final mission.  Simply yank it from the wall, and the spear of Odin is yours.

5. Mjolnir


Are you worthy to lift Thor’s Hammer? You’ll have to prove it by collecting all the pieces of Thor’s armor, which is no easy task. But just like Gae Bolg’s lighting stuns prove to be incredibly powerful, Mjolnir ups the ante by giving you a chance to lightning strike on every hit, and gives you an absolutely wicked looking electric blast to all your finishers.

 Combined with just the power of its stats, Mjolnir is a weapon worth hunting down and obtaining. Plus, who doesn’t want to summon the power of the god of lightning with an almighty hammer strike?

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Hogwarts Legacy: How Good Is The Character Creation?

Celebrity is as celebrity does.

Alexis Ongsansoy



hogwarts legacy how good is the character creation

Hogwarts Legacy is just around the corner, and if you’re one of those people who always expected an owl to crash into your bedroom to give you a letter of invitation to the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry then congratulations, you’re still a child at heart. One of the many things that muggle-borns are keeping a close eye on is the character creation as this always has been a huge selling point for gamers who wish to see themselves in the game their playing. No argument needed there as it simply adds to the immersion. We’ll see just how good the character creation is by giving it a good wangle!

How Good Is The Character Creation In Hogwarts Legacy?

As the game is still said to be a “work in progress” not everything is set in stone just yet. There’s plenty of options to go through however so let’s see if you can either look like a Korean pop idol of some sort or a child that looks like a melting candle.

hogwarts legacy how good is the character creation2

So the first thing you will notice once you go to the character creation screen is the plethora of Presets offered to you. This is a good start for players who just want to dive right in and explore the second-floor girls’ lavatory.

hogwarts legacy how good is the character creation3

Once you have chosen your base look you will be taken to the Facewear section where you can choose your facial structure from a set of fifteen portraits. Some players may prefer having sliders when it comes to specific parts of their custom character’s face as they really have every intention to see a carbon copy of themselves in-game.

When you’re satisfied with the shape that you chose you can also go and specify a skin color and some glasses for your character. Hogwarts is known to have a rather diverse community of students so go be yourself and choose which suits you the best!

hogwarts legacy how good is the character creation4

Moving on to Hairstyles you have two customization choices, your hair color, and the actual style of well, your hair! There can only be so many options for hair in any game as it’s quite difficult to build this from scratch compared to sculpting the bridge of your nose or adjusting the height of your temple.

Hair can be quite a delicate part of customization, especially when not all options are available to you. Nevertheless, you still have enough choices here to either look like Anton Chigur or The Daywalker. Props to you if you got any of that!

hogwarts legacy how good is the character creation5

Next is the Complexion tab, you have the option to give yourself a slight blush if or some freckles and moles if you have any. We weren’t kidding earlier either when we said that you can look like you aged prematurely. That’s what the scars and markings are for! At the end of the day it’s all about getting your features down to a T!

hogwarts legacy how good is the character creation6

On the following tab we have Eyebrows. Most options that we went through gave us the impression that everyone back in the 19th century had time to shave, and that’s a good thing! You can tell a lot from a person’s eyebrows after all. Just don’t get caught looking!

After choosing the shape that fits your fancy you can go and apply any color to it, most likely you will choose the same color you chose for your hair but hey, it’s your choice that matters here so go crazy! The same goes for your eyes as well.

hogwarts legacy how good is the character creation7

For the final touch, you have four more options. You have two choices for your character’s voice which should’ve had more in our opinion. You can also change the pitch of that voice to resemble yours. Lastly you have your difficulty selection which is pretty straightforward, you also have your character name and which dormitory you want to be sent to.

hogwarts legacy how good is the character creation8

The character creation in our opinion is good enough where it stands. It’s not great but it’s definitely not bad either. Having the option to choose a preset or create your own character completely from scratch (sliders and all) is a recent concept that players have been searching for a lot lately and it’s much appreciated that Avalanche Software gave that to us.

While others are happy with the choices they’ve been given, we can still see some possible complaints that will go after the Facewear section as limiting your features to only fifteen options is a very daring move given that there’s a chance that a player out there might not get the look they’re after.

It all just goes back to the sliders since this gives the player a more precise selection when it comes to making adjustments to their looks, plus there weren’t too many options for body-type either. It’s not a long list of shortcomings but you will have to take these into consideration if you’re the kind of gamer who spends more than an hour in the customization screen. We’re still looking forward to the game however so don’t let any of that bring you down. Thank you, and see you in the world of magic!

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