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Ark Survival Evolved: Best Hidden Base Locations on Crystal Isles

Crystal Isles is a great map filled with tons of potential base locations. However, there is a handful that will allow you to keep your base hidden.




Fans of the game know how important it is to keep your base hidden, especially if you are playing on a PVP server. After all, if you build your base out in the open, chances are other players will raid it and you’ll be saying goodbye to your loots and dinos you’ve so painstakingly raised.

In the Crystal Isles map, you can find lots of locations that are perfect for building your base. However, if you don’t want to build out in the open and prefer a more secretive base instead, then you have some really nice options as well.

Let’s have a look at where these are.

Best Hidden Base Locations on Crystal Isles in ARK: Survival Evolved

Without further ado, here are some of the best base locations in Crystal Isles if you want to remain hidden:

51.0, 80.5

This is a perfect hiding spot if you just want to build a small starter base. It’s located up above and is nicely hidden inside some stone formations, so a flyer is required. There are actually two spots here which just happen to be right across each other, so you can use one spot for your structures and the other spot for your small dinos.

36.5, 50.5

This one is located in the Northland regions of the map, nicely hidden deep inside a waterfall. To find the location, you’ll have to enter the waterfall and go all the way to the right corner where you can see some crystals protruding. There, you can find a number of hiding spots for your base, though you can only build a small one for the most part.

42.5, 71.5

Located on the northeastern part of the map, specifically in the Northern Islands region, this one is high up in the clouds on one of the floating islands. This one features a small cave where you can find a handful of spots perfect for hiding a small base.

40.3, 73.7

If you’re a solo player or a small tribe, this hidden base location is perfect as other players won’t be able to spot it easily as they pass by. In order to reach the cave, you’ll need to look for a spot where the vines touch the water. You can then go straight up until you come across this small hidden cave.

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