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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: How to Increase Your Loot Luck by 25%

Loot luck is very important to get the best gear possible in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.




Loot luck plays an important role crucial in late-game grinding. Specialized gear sets, items, and weapon combinations with specific perks and abilities are required for the most powerful endgame builds. You can easily bypass boss health gates, skip phases, and defeat raid-style enemies in a few or even a single hit with the proper setup.

How to Increase Your Loot Luck by 25% in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Loot Luck means precisely what it sounds like. This stat will determine how lucky you are in gathering loot.

Loot Luck refers to the chance in which higher rarity goods drop from any enemy in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. As you explore and knock down formidable opponents and bosses, you’ll find more greens and blues, which will eventually lead to more purples and, finally, Legendary-grade items.

Shrine of Aaron G Temple

Aside from the Lucky Dice, completing the Shrine of Aaron G gives you a 25% flat bonus of Loot Luck. You will need to finish the “The Son of a Witch” quest to reach the area. Once completed, head northeast to find the Shrine of Aaron G Temple.

To do this, you will need four Shrine Pieces. These are:

  • Shrine Piece 1:  You can find the first piece in a dungeon towards the left of the shrine. Enter the dungeon, defeat the boss, and pick up the drops at the end.
  • Shrine Piece 2: Head back to the original Shrine of Aaron G and go to the right. There will be another dungeon for you to challenge. Repeat the process above.
  • Shrine Piece 3: Head to the entrance of Ossu-gol Necropolis and follow the laid-out path to find a character named Blatherskite, who will unlock the side quest “Pocket Sandstorm.” Once you finish it, Blatherskite will open the entrance to the third dungeon. Repeat the same process above.
  • Shrine Piece 4: You’ll find the last piece near the entrance of Sunfang Oasis. Head down the hill, towards your left, until you reach the edge of a cliff. You’ll see the final piece behind a barrier. Interact with the button on the right, and the wall will come down.

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