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The Crew 2: How to Unlock the Pontiac GTO Guide

The Crew 2’s new season features a unique mode called Stories, where you can gain various rewards, including the famous American Legend— the Pontiac GTO 1966!




The Crew 2’s Season 5 introduces Stories, a new and unique way to experience the game’s vast open world. New large treasure hunts are added across the United States every week, and those who finish them earn rare rewards.

Follow the Archivist’s tracks, travel the country for clues, and complete each Story to gain rewards that you can add to your collection. In fact, the new Prohibited Dreams Story rewards the incredible Pontiac GTO 1966!

How to Unlock the Pontiac GTO Guide

The new Stories mode brought about by The Crew 2’s Season 5: American Legends allows players to obtain rare and exclusive collectible rewards.

Players are incredibly excited to get their hands on the unique Pontiac GTO 1966, which is rewarded after completing the Prohibited Dreams story. This article will teach you what steps are needed to complete the Story and obtain the Pontiac GTO 1966.

Unlocking Pontiac GTO

You can unlock the Prohibited Dream story quest under the Stories tab in the Crew 2’s new update. The Story consists of 12 steps, featuring locations you need to visit to unlock the much-coveted, fan-favorite Pontiac GTO 1966.

Step 1: Steel Forge Plant – find the car construction plant in Steel Forge Plant – Detroit

Step 2: House on the Lake – from Detroit, travel to a house near a lake in Lower Peninsula

Step 3: Building in Brush Park – from the Lower Peninsula (west of Detroit), travel to the building located in Brush Park – Detroit (north of Detroit)

Step 4: Speedrome – from Detroit, travel to this parking space next to Little Eagle Speedrome (northeast of Saint Louis) with any ground vehicle

Step 5: The Ferris Wheel – from Little Eagle Speedrome, travel to the Ferris wheel near Navy Pier – Chicago

Step 6: Office in Nashville – from Chicago, travel to the American Patrol’s Building in Nashville (northwest of Miami)

Step 7: Ocean’s Road in Daytona – from Nashville, travel to the avenue along the ocean in Daytona (north of Miami)

Step 8: Parking in North Miami – from Daytona (north of Miami), travel to this parking lot in North Miami – Miami

Step 9: Hidden Garage – from Miami, travel to the hidden garage in Norfolk (southeast of Washington DC)

Step 10: Long Island Speedrome – from Norfolk (southeast of Washington DC), travel to the bridge in Long Island (east of New York)

Step 11: Dinar’s Parking – from New York, travel to the diner’s parking lot near Tampa Bay bridge’s entrance (west of Miami)

Step 12: Garage in Nashville – from Tampa, travel to this garage in Nashville (northeast of Miami)

Congratulations on your new vehicle! GGWP!

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FIFA 23: Most Effective Skills to Use in a Game | Become a Pro

What are the best skills to use in FIFA 23





Players in FIFA love to use skills in the game. It is a way of showing off, letting your opponent know that you know your stuff, and of course it brings so much fun. This is a list of the best skills that will improve your game.

Most Effective Skills to use in a game in FIFA 23

Heel to Ball Roll

A new and very effective is the newly incorporated heel to ball roll. To perform the skill, you will need a player with 4 stars skills or better.

To use it press and hold L1 or LB and flick the right stick in front of the player and towards the back of the player. You can flick the left stick left or right to dictate the direction of the skill.

Ball Roll

The classic skill, the ball roll is very effective, and it opens the space for a pass or a shot. It is used consistently by pro players. To do it you need to flick and hold the right stick to the right or left of the player.


Next up is the elastico or reverse elastico. It can be used with players with 5-star skills. To be performed you need to do a half spin with the right stick in a reverse direction to the player, or in counter direction for the reverse elastico. It is efficient everywhere throughout the pitch.

A really good skill is the step over which is a very good skill to do. It is done by moving the right stick to the front and then to the right of the player. It is very important to get the speed boost after the step over.

Agile Dribbling

Finally, we have agile dribbling. It is good when you use a small agile player, and when you are being pressed by the opponent. It creates time and angle to get rid of the ball. Use a press and hold R1 or RB and move the left stick to the back left or right on the controller.

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