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The Ascent: Online Co-Op Not Working Fix

Have problems playing The Ascent online? Here’s all you need to know about fixing it.

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The Ascent has a Co-Op mode for players who want to join their friends and play online. However, there were reported problems with joining games or hosting games themselves. Here’s how you can fix these online issues in Co-Op mode.

Online Co-Op Not Working Fix – The Ascent

After checking network-related issues on your side, here are some methods you can try to fix your problems in online Co-Op mode:

Restart the game

Restarting your game will automatically download any updates that should fix the Co-Op issue. After logging in, check if you now can successfully connect online.

Disable any unnecessary network adapters

You might have some virtual network adapters running on your computer. Try disabling them except for your original network adapter. Do this by going to Settings>Network and Internet>Advanced Network Settings. Check if your default network adapter is the only one running.

Verify your game files

This will check for any corrupted game files and at the same time download any patches for this issue. For Steam, right-click The Ascent in your game library and go to Properties>Local Files>Verify the integrity of game files.

For Xbox Game Pass, go to Settings>Apps>The Ascent>Advanced options>Repair

After doing the steps, check your lobby screen if everything is back to normal.

Reinstall The Ascent

The last option would be to do a fresh install on The Ascent on your computer. This is a proven solution that was recommended by some users; however, reinstalling would take a while depending on your game’s size and your internet connection.

Those are the possible fixes for your online issues on online Co-Op mode in The Ascent. Make sure to follow the steps carefully and you’ll be back online with your friends in no time. Have fun playing!

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