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The Ascent: Lost and Found Mission Guide

Ready to give the bag to Taoka in Lost and Found? Check this guide out to learn more.

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Lost and Found is one of the different side missions in The Ascent. On this mission, you’ll need to find Taoka’s inconspicuous yellow bag/suitcase and give it to her. We’ll tell you in detail how to complete all three objectives on the said quest.

Lost & Found Mission Guide – The Ascent

In completing this quest, you’ll need to complete the main quests first up until FOREIGN_CODE. You might get stuck if you don’t complete those main missions up until that mark, so it’s best to check first if you’ve completed it already.

The Lost and Found mission has three steps:

  • Find Raphael’s Bag
  • Go to Tham’s Gate
  • Deliver the bag to Taoka

To start, talk to Raphael inside the Karma Logistics building—you’ll be asked to find a yellow Uplus bag and give it to Taoka at Dream world.

Next, head to Tham’s Gate. You’ll need to go inside the Cosmodrome and clear the enemies on your path. Upon reaching the security checkpoint, you can find the yellow bag beside a couple of bags on the last desk to your right.

Finally, head to CorpZone. To go to the second level, search for a platform somewhere in the southwest part of the map. On your left, you’ll find Dream world—go inside and find Taoka and give him the yellow suitcase. You’ll find himon the rightmost portion of the club, away from the dance floor.

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