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Roblox: How to Get the Mimic Marker

The Roblox game called Find the Markers revolves around a very simple premise: find all of the markers in the game. One such particular marker is rather hard to find which is the mimic marker.




Find the Markers is inspired by classic “Find The” games. In this game, your sole objective is to find all of the markers scattered throughout the game. However, there’s one particular marker that can be tricky to find. That’s the mimic marker.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can find that specific marker quickly and easily.

How to Get the Mimic Marker in Roblox

In order to find the mimic marker, the very first thing you should do is unlock the yellow marker which is located inside a house. Once you’re done, interact with the marker and choose the following dialog options in the order shown below:

  1. I’ve met one of your ancestors
  2. Primrose marker
  3. Huh?

After that, you will be teleported to a new room with a map on the wall. What you have to do is simply complete the map by finding the orbs which will be shown on the map as well.

To start, simply interact with the map to be teleported to a new area. From there, you can see a tower in front of you. Simply go on top of that tower until you climb on an invisible ladder. At the top of the ladder, you will be teleported to a new area.

In the new area, go all the way left to the swamp area, and at the very corner, you will see a pond. Simply jump on that pond to find an orb underwater which you have to turn on. After turning it on, you’ll be sent back to your starting point in that area.

From there, simply go straight and turn on the purple orb at the which you can immediately see just a few meters in front of you. After that, head to the right area where the shops are located and turn on the yellow orb.

Then, head over to the opposite side where there are blue trees growing to find the light blue orb. After that, head inside the castle and go all the way to the top. The rightmost tower after you go up the stairs will contain a white orb at its top.

Go back to the starting point, and look at your back to find a red orb. Then, go up the slope and go all the way up until you find a crack. Get inside and climb down the ladder to find the blue orb. Then, from the blue orb, enter another room where the green marker is located.

Locating the Marker

Enter the green arch door to find yourself in an open area. Go all the way up to the left but don’t enter any of the arch doors. Instead, what you have to do is do some platforming on the ledges of the leftmost corner. Continue all the up while making sure you don’t fall from the ledges.

At the very end, you will see a very narrow passage which you’ll have to enter. From there, go straight all the way until you arrive at a room with six huge chests. Open the chests until you find an empty one with the words “drop down below for the REAL DEAL Purple Marker”.

What you want to do is simply jump inside the chest and drop all the way down. Inside, you’ll find a sign saying “oops not really”. Simply ignore it and go straight until you can finally find the Mimic marker.

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